Tina Hines met Jesus in Heaven after a heart attack and is now sharing her story

Have you ever wondered what happens when we die? One woman claims that she went to heaven when she was without any signs of life for 27 minutes.

Tina Hines and her husband, Brian, were planning to go hiking on an average day in Phoenix. Tina was usually active and followed a healthy lifestyle, but her heart stopped beating suddenly, and Brian had to perform CPR to revive her.

Although Tina’s heart started beating again, it stopped several times, even after paramedics arrived on the scene. After five resuscitation attempts, Tina regained consciousness in a hospital room, unable to talk due to being intubated. She motioned for a pen and paper and wrote a note that surprised her family.

Tina had seen heaven, and it was “very real, with vibrant colors,” according to her account. She also saw Jesus standing in front of a black gate surrounded by a bright golden radiance. Tina’s niece, Madie, was moved by the incident and even got a tattoo of her aunt’s message on her hand.

After being discharged from the hospital with a defibrillator and pacemaker, Tina expressed her gratitude to the people who saved her life on Facebook. The rescuers also considered it a miraculous experience and one that they would never forget. For Tina, it was a second chance at life, a scary thought but one that she embraced with a new outlook.