Tim Tebow’s mom trusted God and gave birth despite advice to abort – Grateful son bought $3M home for family

If his mother had followed the doctor’s advice and had an abortion, the world would not have known Tim Tebow. The delivery was painful, but it ended well with “the help of God,” and Tim, who has no idea what could have gone wrong, now cares for his mother like no other.

Timothy Richard Tebow was born in Makati, Philippines, on August 14, 1987, to missionary parents Bob and Pam Tebow. Tim is a former professional football player who also excels at writing, public speaking, and sports broadcasting.

Tim is a three-time New York Times best-selling author, international speaker, ESPN sportscaster, and two-time BCS National Champion. The talented man played for the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets, the New England Patriots, and the Philadelphia Eagles during his NFL career.

He currently plays outfield for the New York Mets of the Major League Baseball. Tim has touched many people’s lives simply by being himself, and they owe this to Tim’s mother, Pam.

Pam was forced to make a difficult decision while the child was still in her womb, and her doctor advised her to terminate the pregnancy. Her life had been in danger, and the doctor’s only goal had been to save her patient.

To get Pam to listen to reason, the doctor told her she would die if she went through with it and referred to unborn Tim as a “mass of fetal tissue” She and her husband were missionaries in a remote village in the Philippines at the time of her pregnancy.

The doctor was the best in the area and was recommended by another missionary friend who had received treatment from her before, so his word was practically law, but Pam refused.

He did not care that it was dark, so he needed a torch, and he did not mind that rain had been beating down on him.

It was a difficult time for Pam. Her nights were filled with pain, and the days were offered no reprieve. It was a miracle she and the baby survived.

Pam refused to abort the baby but not because she was banking on luck; the missionary woman chose to put her trust in God and urged others to do so. She said:

“You can trust the Lord for your life, and God is a pro-life God. He loves life. He created life. We don’t understand it all, but we will trust Him.”

Painful Birth With a Help Of God

Despite the pain, Pam maintained her faith. Her faith in the God she served, she claims, helped her make the right decision. She stated that the decision had to be made despite the fact that she and her husband were aware of the possibility of a sacrifice. Pam labeled it the only option they had, and they then “let God be God.”

When the baby was finally delivered, the doctor referred to it as the “biggest miracle he had ever been a part of” because he had never witnessed survival against such overwhelming odds.

It perplexed him because the baby was born with only a sliver of a placenta attached, implying that he received minimal nutrition, and the doctor had no explanation for how baby Tim survived in the womb for months with it.

Tim became the largest among all the kids Pam had and is also the most recognized. Tim has spoken about the whole affair numerous times in public, and his gratitude to his mom is always very noticeable each time he tells the story. He once said:

“She decided she was gonna (sic) trust God even when the doctors said it might cost her life. I’m so grateful my mom gave me a chance at life.”

Inside a Mansion for the Whole Family

Tim’s mother is adored by everyone who knows him. The multitalented man has repeatedly stated that she is the best mother in the world.

Tim did everything he could to please his mother before he became famous, including giving her gifts on Mother’s Day. Tim recalled in a previous interview that one year he couldn’t afford to get his mother a gift, so the night before the big day, he decided to help her weed her flower garden.

He didn’t mind that it was dark and he needed a torch, and he didn’t mind that it was raining. All he wanted was to see his mother smile, which she did. Pam said of the thoughtful gesture, “It was the sweetest thing.”

His love for her never wavered as the years passed, and when he got his first payout as a member of the Denver Bronchos, his family was the first to get gifts from him. He said:

“The first gift I got was for mom. … I went to Tiffany’s. I was so excited. And so I went in to find something I think would be right for mom.”