Thug snatches 87-year-old woman’s purse before her “hero” appears out of thin air

While shopping at a Kroger in Lemon Township, Pat Goins, 87, engaged in a conversation with a young parent. Goins admired the parent’s beautiful one-year-old child before making their way to the checkout line. Suddenly, the store was filled with cries for help.

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As Goins cried out in terror, a man snatched her purse and headed towards the exit. Suddenly, a hero emerged and turned the tables on the brazen thief. That hero was none other than Deshawn Pressley, the same young man whom Goins had been conversing with just moments before.

The surveillance footage depicted Pressley dashing after the suspect, Derek Vauhn, as he fled through the exit and into the parking lot. Pressley quickly caught up to Vauhn, grabbed him by the jacket, and threw him to the ground.

The video footage captures Pressley tackling the thief to the ground and engaging in a scuffle with him as he regains his balance. Pressley delivers several blows to the assailant to prevent him from fleeing until the police arrive. Despite the thief’s efforts, he is unable to break free from Pressley’s grasp and eventually surrenders.

According to Sheriff Richard Jones, when the police arrived, the suspect appeared relieved to be taken away from Pressley. Vauhn was apprehended, and he now faces charges of felony robbery and theft.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office honored Pressley with a Citizen’s Award for performing a citizen’s arrest. Goins is elated to have her purse returned and lauds Pressley as a true hero.

Pressley stated that he would never allow someone to harm an elderly woman, especially since he was raised by his grandmother after his mother passed away when he was young.

Goins says that the incident has forged a lasting connection between her and Pressley, and the two of them wish to remain in touch with each other.

Deshawn Pressley has been rightfully hailed as a hero in his community, and Pat Goins can’t stop praising the young man who put his own safety at risk to protect her and her belongings. Surprisingly, Pressley considers his actions to be nothing out of the ordinary but rather the right thing to do.

Butler County Sheriff’s Office

Although the sheriff’s department does not advocate for residents to put themselves in harm’s way to achieve heroic deeds, they acknowledge that Pressley is a true hero. They can only hope that more courageous individuals like him will step up in the face of evil.