Three dogs saved from a dumpsite get back together a year later to recreate an emotional photo

On Christmas Eve, these dogs were found asleep in a garbage dump. Where are they now, after a year?

What happens to strays once they have been taken in? How do they deal with the changes in their lives? How did the family and the dogs get used to the new situation?

Cooper, Trixi, and Bruno were all strays. On Christmas Eve 2021, they were all seen sleeping on an old mattress.

Ruffstart Rescue (RSR) found them, and after a lot of talking and working together, they were able to find foster homes for the three dogs right away.

At first, it was hard for the people who came to help to catch the three dogs.

Trixi, Bruno, and Cooper were all saved on the same day, but Cooper was able to get away. He didn’t think the people who came to save him were good, so he did what he could to stay alive.

The people who came to help him didn’t find him for two months.

They aren’t sure how Cooper made it through the Minnesota winter on his own. Cooper probably thought that being with these people must be better than the harsh winter. So when they went back and found him, he was already ready. He jumped into their van and started his new life.

The dogs were saved at a good time for them as well. When the vet checked them over, he or she found that all three of them needed to have one leg amputated.

This would help them get healthy and stay healthy so they can find their forever homes. In the end, the three dogs moved from the foster home to the home that would be theirs forever.

After a year, Ruffstart Rescue found out how the three dogs were doing. Cooper’s family was the first to tell them.
“From living in a dump on the reservation, having his leg amputated, and now enjoying his first camping week. Cooper, our foster fail, loves to swim, boat rides, and everything about camping,” RSR wrote in a Facebook post.

Their fans loved the news and were also curious about what had happened to Trixi and Bruno.
Well, Cooper’s family, which includes Brenda Heitschmidt, his human mom, helped find the other two dogs. RSR is happy to say that they are also doing well.

“Bruno’s family said he is so easy going and happy to be in a home, and Trixi seems to do well but is a little more tippy than the boys. We believe the boys protected her,” Brenda told The Dodo.

The people who owned the three dogs set up a get-together for all three of them.
At the reunion, the dogs and their family had a great time.

It was amazing to see how much the dogs’ lives had changed in a year. They used to sleep in a dump, but now they sleep in a house where everyone loves the dogs.

Brenda loved Cooper so much. Brenda said, “He is a perfect dog. Many will say how lucky he is to be with us, however, we feel we are truly the lucky ones.”

We are so happy that Ruffstart Rescue found forever homes for these three dogs.

Ruffstart Rescue did a great job taking care of these dogs and finding them good homes. What a great way to end it!