This man has gone to 29 nations with his cat and is one country short of breaking the global record

Whether Dean is riding an aircraft with Nala or resting in an igloo, the gorgeous cat is nestled inside her human’s bike basket and is ready to travel practically anyplace.

Dean Nicholson planned to ride his bike across the world alone. He went in June 2018 with that goal in mind, but three months and nine nations later, in September, he discovered an attractive partner to go with him. Dean noticed a small cat meowing at him near the Bosnia-Montenegro border and knew he had to take her with him. Nala was the cyclist’s name for the tabby. “Over the next coming days the kitten and I grew closer, It was clear she had lioness traits, with her feisty and loving personality and so it was Nala was to be her name,” he writes on their website, 1bike1world.

The cute duo is now collecting images from all 29 places they’ve been so far in order to break the world record for the most countries visited by one cat, which is now set at 30. Dean and Nala have accomplished so much together. Whether Dean is flying an aircraft with tiny Nala behind him or resting in an igloo, the gorgeous cat is nestled into her human’s bike basket and is ready to go practically anyplace.

Lorraine, a long-time follower of the traveling duet, met with Dean about the publishing of his second book, according to DailyMail. The pair discussed at length about their next children’s book, “Nala’s World.” The children’s book is a condensed version of the adult-written Sunday Times Bestseller”Nala’s World — the story of Dean and his traveling companion” 

Dean shared the book announcement on Instagram and described why the book is important to him and Nala.  “From the minute me and Nala found each other,” he writes, “it was my dream to do a kids’ book as I always felt our journey is a beautiful story to tell, but more importantly, it also has important lessons for children of an early age and beyond.”

Dean hopes that the book will have an impact on the next generation of environmentalists.  “What better message to go within this book than to show the beautiful friendship me and Nala have and how stray animals deserve a chance,” he wrote.

Dean told Lorraine that he didn’t think Nala was homeless at first, but she quickly climbed onto his shoulder and meowed to get his full attention. Her affable demeanor and ravenous hunger made it evident after a time that her owner had discarded her on purpose. “She loved being on the bike and in the fresh air all of the time, and now I’m just a full-time cat chauffeur!” At one point, Nala turned around on live TV and a bemused Lorraine exclaims, “Oh look, she’s showing us her bottom. I love when cats do that. They always do that, it’s brilliant.”

Lorraine also shared her and other fans’ concern when the tabby became unwell lately, saying,  “We were very worried when we saw that she was ill, she’s a young cat in the prime of her life.” Dean confirmed that Nala is in good health now. “She’s four,” Dean said, “We took her to the emergency vets for treatment and she had a wee swollen paw – thankfully she is fine now.”

Dean and Nala have returned to Scotland after visiting about 29 countries, with plans to hit the road again shortly. Dean shared a lovely photo of the cat on Instagram on October 2nd, spending her fourth birthday at home, with the message, “4 years old today 🎁🥳 Happy birthday beautiful girl ❤️” 

“There are parts that tell you what you can do to help animals in need, and it’s something I’ve learned a lot about on this journey. People love Nala and they send her stuff all the time, which is great, but instead, they could make a donation to an animal shelter.”