“This is irresponsible”, truck driver slammed for showing off his 33 children from multiple baby mamas

Demond George, a truck driver, has recently come under fire on social media for showcasing his children in a photoshoot.

The photos, which went viral, show Demond and his kids dressed in matching t-shirts and pants. His shirt read “The Legend,” while his children’s shirts read “The Legacy.”

In an upload on Facebook, the proud father of three expressed that his legacy would live on forever. He also extended his gratitude to his mother and several baby mamas for their support in raising his children. However, he mentioned that nine of his children could not attend the photo session.

Despite the joy and positivity expressed in the photos, Demond has received criticism from some social media users who accuse him of being irresponsible with his children.

Others argue that his job as a truck driver may not provide enough financial support for 33 children. One of the commenters stated, “It’s irresponsible to have that many kids you can’t properly take care of.”