The world’s most unusual babies were born 20 years ago: They are now adults

Anxiety and worry are common during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be a real emotional roller coaster as you prepare for one of the most significant changes in your life.

Many parents are concerned that their child may have a condition that will limit them in life, or that they may have a parent who will be unable to cope with the babies they have.

In the worst-case scenario, the pregnancy itself can endanger the mother’s and children’s lives.

When it comes to conjoined twins, this is one of the most dangerous and complicated pregnancies you can have. The sisters Macy, Mackenzie, and Madeline are an example of this.

Theirs is one of only two well-known cases in the world.

When the beautiful babies were born, their mother had not only given birth to triplets, but two of them were conjoined twins who were linked to each other.

This is a rare condition that affects one out of every 200,000 live births.

Unfortunately, Mackenzie, Macey, and Madeline’s biological mother decided she could no longer care for them.

Thankfully, Darla and Jeff Garrison of Iowa, United States, decided to foster them, recognizing the girls’ need for a loving home. The couple already had three biological sons and were overjoyed to add two more to their already large family.

Twins who are conjoined Macey and Mackenzie were in excruciating pain, and just weeks after their birth, surgeons began the arduous procedure to separate the girls. Mackenzie returned home after six weeks, and Macey a month later. Darla and Jeff then started the adoption procedure.

“We’d fallen in love with them. Our boys were so happy to have three sisters,”  Darla told Closer Magazine.

Macey and Mackenzie both recovered well. As you can see in the photo below, they were born with one leg each and a third useless leg.

All papers were completed two years after the surgery, and Darla and Jeff officially adopted all three girls. They all now go to the same school, where they have many friends and enjoy sports and art.

The sisters even got a horse and go to physiotherapy on a regular basis to help them walk on prosthetic legs and on their own.

What lucky girls they are to have found such a wonderful family full of love! It also helps to have three big brothers looking out for them!

The girls are healthy and happy. Despite their physical limitations, they had a “normal” childhood. They also received all of the necessary assistance to make them feel at ease and secure.

They have grown into three lovely young ladies!

”We had no idea what to expect – but they only needed someone who loved them. We got Madeline when she was four days old and Macey and Mackenzie came to us after four weeks,”  Darla, the adoptive mother, told Closer.

The girls, who were born in December 2002 and weighed only 2lbs 2oz, have come a long way since their miraculous surgery.

The girls are now two years old, and they are energetic, full of life, and living happy lives with parents and brothers who adore them.

“We’re very independent, we don’t need help. We can do pretty much everything that ‘normal’ people can do. I don’t look at myself as, like, I can’t do that. Because I have one leg. That’s just not who we are as people,”  Macey told Truly in 2021.

More people like Jeff, Darla, and these young ladies are needed in the world. Their kindness and generosity warmed my heart.

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