The story behind the viral photo of a boy in graduation robes walking at 5AM

Corey Patrick had a simple goal on his graduation day – to walk with his classmates and earn his diploma. Despite his family moving away from his high school, he was determined to graduate with the friends he had known since the fourth grade.

To do this, he woke up every morning at 4:30 a.m. and caught the bus at 5:41 a.m., a routine he had maintained throughout the school year. On the morning of his graduation, he found himself on the same bus once again, wearing his graduation gown.

Patrick’s family could not make it to his ceremony as they did not have the means to get him there. Undeterred, Patrick put on his gown and walked to the bus stop as usual.

His perseverance did not go unnoticed by his bus driver, who took a couple of pictures of him on his way to the ceremony. She later shared the photos on Facebook, admiring Patrick’s dedication and drive.

As the post went viral, the community came together to identify the young man in the graduation gown and help him. He received a new car as a gift and over $25,000 through a GoFundMe campaign. Moreover, he reportedly got a full scholarship to Jacksonville University.

Through his determination and hard work, Patrick reminds us of the importance of persevering through difficult times. Despite the challenges he faced, he never gave up on his goal. His story serves as an inspiration to all of us to keep going, even when the going gets tough. As Patrick himself said, “I had to do what was necessary for me to walk this year.”