‘The Rock’ surprises his cousin with new home after buying one to his mom

The Rock Dwayne Johnson keeps encouraging kindness and goodwill!

After gifting his mother with a new house and recording the touching moment, the Hollywood star gave a new home and a car to his cousin Sarona Snuka, WWE star Tamina.

In a video posted in June 2022, Sarona is seen breaking down at such a lovely gesture.

The actor praised his family, saying he’s known his cousin “since we were little kids growing up together.”

The Rock wrote “It’s so damn hard to make it as a pro wrestler. And it’s even way harder to make it if you’re a woman,” declaring that “Sarona (like many amazing women in pro wrestling) made her mind up long ago that she was gonna walk the walk and earn her respect in pro wrestling and make sure that the hard times she’s experienced were always her REASON to WORK HARDER and never let it become the EXCUSE to GIVE UP.”

“And that’s what she did. And that’s why my heart’s proud. Love you cuz and we always got your back,” the star concluded.

Dwayne also shared the reason for gifting Sarona through a reply to a tweet from WWE Analyst Ryan Satin.

Satin shared the video with a tweet, “TheRock bought TaminaSnuka a house“. 

Johnson replied “She deserves a lot more. Been a single mom, raising two kids all while living the hard life as a pro wrestler – on the road, wrestling nightly for YEARS. I wanted to bring a little stability in my cousin’s life for her and her kids”.

But it wasn’t over

A day after Dwayne posted the clip of giving a house to Sarona, he also gifted her a brand new car. The video was shared on his Instagram.

The caption read, “Man this was just awesome – you can feel the mana!! Enjoy your new ride. My cousin, Sarona is the real deal example of humility, hard work, breaking the cycle and overcoming the odds.”

“Life as a pro wrestler is very hard. It can be very rewarding, but it can also tax your soul. Life as a female pro wrestler and being a single mom, trying your best to raise two daughters while being on the road, all year around – FOR YEARS…”

A few weeks earlier, The Jungle Cruise actor posted a few videos of his mother, Ata Johnson, touring the new home he gave her as a gift.