The baby loves her dad’s singing, but gets mad when he stops

A heartwarming video of a father singing to his baby girl has captured the internet’s attention, showcasing the little one’s deep appreciation for his music.

The viral video, which has garnered over 2.6 million views on TikTok, depicts the father holding his daughter in one arm while playing the keyboard with the other. As he serenades her, the baby gazes affectionately at her dad but becomes visibly upset whenever he pauses his singing.

The two-minute clip beautifully illustrates the joy babies derive from hearing their parents sing, as well as their ability to sway their parents to fulfill their desires. The video’s caption, “If we stop, singing Amelie gets mad,” adds a touch of humor to the heart-melting scene.

The dad, known as Cueva Santana on TikTok, exhibits his musical talent in various videos, often playing the piano and singing alongside friends and family members. The enchanting moment captured in this video compelled the parents to share it online, eliciting delight from viewers across TikTok.

Commenters expressed their adoration for the adorable father-daughter duo, with many finding amusement in the baby’s nearly tearful reaction when the song concludes. “@luciaquiroga07” remarked, “Your baby definitely relaxes with the combination of the piano and the love with which you sing to her.” “@ruthdeobispo1” added, “When your wife was pregnant she relaxed when you sang to her, and the girl felt that.”

Others praised the father’s voice, with @_mariaaa_87 writing, “She feels your love and the tenderness with which you sing to her. Never stop doing it. You have a beautiful voice.” Light-hearted jests were also shared, as @mariaelisa240 humorously commented, “Already as a baby, she orders her daddy to do what she says.”

The bond between a father and daughter was eloquently portrayed in another video circulating on Twitter, where a newborn baby’s cries subside upon hearing his father’s voice.

The heartwarming clip, shared by the Good News Correspondent, depicts the newborn crying uncontrollably before calming down as his father speaks to him reassuringly. Viewers were moved by the affectionate exchange, with comments expressing sentiments of warmth and joy.

The power of music and the profound connection between parents and their children continues to touch hearts across the internet, reminding us of the beauty found in these tender moments of love and bonding.

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