The arena fell silent as Keith Urban was asked to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” for the first time

In the realm of spectator sports, athletic abilities are not the sole sources of admiration.

Singing the national anthem, once a patriotic tradition during times of war, has now become one of the greatest accolades a sports organization can bestow upon a performer.

Whenever it is sung, all eyes and ears are fixated.

We have witnessed and expected celebrities singing the anthem at the Super Bowl, and some have also performed at the Olympics. It provides artists with a platform to showcase their talents to a larger audience. The NHL bestowed the privilege upon Keith Urban.

And he made the most of the opportunity.

The Bridgestone Arena was filled with fans during Game 3 of the 2017 Western Conference final.

Sporting a Nashville Predators jersey, Urban walked into the rink.

The Nashville Predators have a reputation for inviting prominent music artists to perform the anthem, and Urban now joins the likes of Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Sheryl Crow, and Kelly Clarkson.

The crowd welcomed Urban with a roar of cheers.

While some artists opt for flamboyant renditions to showcase their vocal range, Urban chose to maintain a solemn tone. As a four-time Grammy award winner, he let his talent speak for itself.

With clear notes and an endearing tune, Urban effortlessly silenced the crowd. However, performing the anthem without embellishment did not hinder Urban from demonstrating his talent.

Throughout his performance, the country singer hit all the right notes with impeccable timing. As he concluded his rendition, the crowd erupted into even louder cheers. Following his performance, he spoke with the NHL’s Jon Morosi to discuss his experience.

He expressed that the performance held great significance for him.

Captured in striking photos: Elderly man ousted from Bank of America, cop takes action
Source: YouTube Screenshot – SPORTSNET

“I’ve lived in America for 25 years, and I’ve never been asked to sing the national anthem. It was such an honor to do it here in Nashville for the Preds.”

He said in the interview.

Captured in striking photos: Elderly man ousted from Bank of America, cop takes action
Source: YouTube Screenshot – SPORTSNET

He also shared that singing the national anthem was a nerve-wracking experience, yet it was also a tremendous honor.

He also conveyed that it stood as one of his proudest moments as an artist.

People wasted no time in expressing their appreciation.

“Nice rendition without all the fancy embellishments! Great job!” said one comment.

“That was beautiful, Keith. Your sincerity and passion really come across, as in everything you sing. You have a real connection with your audience.” Said another.

It is worth mentioning that Urban is not a native of the United States. He was born in New Zealand and relocated to Australia at the age of two. His affinity for music developed at a young age as he began playing various instruments before reaching the age of 10.

His career took off in 1990.

After releasing his self-titled debut album in Australia, Urban relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where many stars are born, two years later.

He also served as a judge on the reality talent TV shows, The Voice Australia and American Idol. Additionally, he is married to the acclaimed Australian actress, Nicole Kidman.