The 13-time women’s arm wrestling world champion fights men at the beach and easily defeats them

Arm wrestling is a fun competition for anyone who likes to show how strong they are and how well they know how to use their muscles. It’s a popular activity all over the world, and people can also compete in tournaments as a profession. Irina Gladkaya is a Russian athlete who has held the title of arm wrestling world champion for 13 years in a row.

Gladkaya shows how good she is at arm wrestling in a video that has gone viral on YouTube. In the video, she challenges men at Muscle Beach in Miami to a game of arm wrestling. To the surprise and amusement of the men, she beats each and every one of them. Some of the men were even offered money if they beat Gladkaya, as seen in the video. But since she is a professional arm wrestler, she easily beats her opponents.

After being uploaded to the website by user “purple-circle,” the video has just lately attracted the focus of users on Reddit. Within 18 hours, it received more than 75,000 upvotes on the subreddit r/nextfuckinglevel, making it instantly one of the most popular posts there. Some members of Reddit commented on how her body posture and skills may be improved by commenting, “She’s pulling her whole body down… is that legal?”

However, a large number of other people pointed out that her posture was appropriate according to the guidelines for these competitions. Another said: “Yes it’s legal. I used to watch professional arm wrestling on YouTube all the time and everyone pulls their whole body down.”

Source: Reddit

Another user said that, “it is, if these kinds of techniques were banned then a lot of pro arm wrestling matches would be a lot less interesting.” Quite a few of the bystanders were taken aback by Gladkaya and the strategies that she employed to triumph over her rival. One said, “proving that it’s technique over brawn. not surprised by the results.” Another user chimed in and said, “People really out here saying that she’s cheating when she’s a pro, they all do this.”

Gladkaya started competing in the sport at the age of 15. According to Nemzeti Sport, her physical education teacher found out about her abilities at a school competition and found a coach to work with her. In just four months, she had made such rapid progress that she had won the Skander World Championship in Slovakia. Gladkaya, the “Black Diamond” athlete and 13-time world champion, completed her education in addition to her athletic career and is now a lawyer.