Tennis balls are left on beach as tribute to most wonderful dogs

In a heartwarming gesture, a box of free tennis balls was placed on Exmouth Beach in the UK as a tribute to a beloved golden retriever who has passed away.

The act was aimed at honoring the memory of the “goodest of good boys.”

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Devon County Council

Accompanying the box of tennis balls was a delightful picture of the departed canine, accompanied by a touching message that expressed:

“Rex loved the beach, Rex loved the ball.”

“Please feel free to take a ball for your dog and I hope you all enjoy this place as much as we did.”

“Rex – sleep well, my ginger prince. The goodest of good boys.”

Devon County Council took to Twitter to share the heartwarming gesture, and it didn’t take long for people to be deeply moved by it.

One user expressed,  “I’m not crying, you’re crying. On my way to scoop up my own favourite blonde boy to take him to the beach.”

Another comment read, “Stuff like this. Gets to me every single time. Run Free Rex. Run free.”

One person admitted, “Hang on, just sobbing onto my phone.”

Meanwhile, another individual shared, “Heartwarming – yet so sad! Love the photo of Rex.”

According to East Devon News, Rex’s owner, Jason Dunne, revealed that leaving the tennis balls was his way of sharing one last walk with his loyal companion, who passed away earlier in the month.

He recounted how it had been his way of sharing one final beach day with his once-in-a-lifetime dog, who had significantly improved their lives in numerous ways.

According to him, over the course of their 14-year companionship, he had met countless people during their walks. While he couldn’t recall their names, he could remember their dogs, and they all knew his dog’s name, Rex.

Additionally, he mentioned that the gesture was intended to bring the community closer together. He attributed this positive outcome to Rex’s love for people, other dogs, and life itself. He believed that Rex had brought out the best in their community, and he expressed his gratitude for the messages they had received from others who had experienced pet loss or were starting their own pet adventures.

He described the kindness that had prevailed in Exmouth, emphasizing that it was a testament to Rex’s legacy. He encouraged people to embrace their pets and strive to embody the qualities that made Rex so special.

In conclusion, he urged everyone to take this opportunity to honor the memory of the late pooch by spending time with their own beloved pets.

Rest in power, ginger king.

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