Teen’s remains found hugging dead dog in Maui home destroyed by wildfire

Mourning parents discovered the lifeless body of their 14-year-old adopted son embracing his deceased dog amidst the aftermath of the Maui wildfires. They then carried him for about half a mile to a police station to officially confirm his passing.

Young Keyiro Fuentes, a schoolboy, had been alone at home on his final day of summer vacation when the most devastating wildfires in a century swept through his Lahaina neighborhood. His mother, Luz Vargas, recounted to CBS News that she was working five miles away when the fires erupted. Despite her pleas to the police to allow her passage through their barriers, she couldn’t reach home upon seeing the smoke.

After two days had passed, the family managed to search their residence and discovered Keyiro’s remains, charred and entwined with his deceased dog. In tears, Luz Vargas shared this heartbreaking discovery with CBS.

“He was not as I expected, in ashes,” she expressed, referring to the body that was believed to have been protected by the intense heat.

“God maintained him like this. So, we knew it was him,” she said of her adopted son.

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Keyiro Fuentes, 14, was found dead, hugging his dog, after the Maui wildfires destroyed his hometown.
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Subsequently, the family carefully enveloped Keyiro’s body in a tarp, and with heavy hearts, they transported the remains for approximately half a mile to the closest police station.

The Maui Police Department officially verified to HawaiiNewsNow on Thursday that the body had been delivered to the station.

“The individual’s biological relatives are residents of Mexico, and efforts are underway to conduct DNA testing to make a positive identification,” the department said.

The adoptive family, who had been getting ready to celebrate Keyiro’s 15th birthday, shifted their focus. Instead of a festive occasion, they spent the day commemorating his life through a vigil.

Luz Vargas, who manages a cleaning service, vividly remembered the anguish she felt as she watched enormous columns of black smoke billowing over their hometown, unable to reach her son.

When their attempts to drive towards the area were thwarted, Vargas began sprinting towards it, with concerned neighbors attempting to deter her.

“They were saying, ‘Don’t go. Don’t go.’ I said, ‘But it’s my son!’” she told HawaiiNewsNow.

United Airlines flight to Rome rapidly drops 28,000 feet in 10 minutes before making course correction
Keyiro Fuentes was alone at home enjoying the last day of summer vacation while his family was at work.
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She also encountered a police barrier preventing entry into the disaster zone.

“I threw myself on the floor, lifted my hands up and begged God,” she recounted, revealing that she was advised to maintain faith that her son had managed to escape.

Tragically, he now stands counted among the confirmed 115 casualties of the inferno.

“I wish I could’ve made more memories with him,” said his brother, Josue Garcia Vargas.

“He was too young. If he still had time. I know he would’ve been a very, very, very good man.”

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