Teenager attempts to apply for college and discovers that he has been a “missing person” for 12 years

In August 2002, a young child disappeared from his residence in Alabama. Julian Hernandez, who was only five years old, was reported missing by his mother after his father left a note confessing to kidnapping the boy.

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Julian resided in Ohio with his biological father and was purportedly leading a content, fit, and regular life. To conceal their identity, Julian’s father changed his name and obtained a false identity.

Over the years, numerous leads surfaced, and Julian’s mother clung to the hope of finding her son. Regrettably, none of the leads proved to be accurate.

However, when Julian turned 18 and began completing college applications, he discovered that his social security number did not correspond with his name, and the truth began to unravel.

When Julian encountered an alleged discrepancy in his personal data, he sought the aid of a school counselor to finish his applications.

According to the counselor, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children had listed Julian as a missing individual, and he discovered that he had been abducted by his own father as a child.

Authorities reported that Julian’s mother was overjoyed to hear that her son was alive and well.

In a heartwarming twist, Julian asked the judge to release his father from jail, stating that he had forgiven him. Growing up without a mother was challenging for Julian, and separating him from his father would mean repeating the same experience.