Teenage girl delightfully impersonates her father to make him aware of how annoying he is

Women frequently shoulder the majority of unpaid domestic work in households. According to a survey, mothers put in an average of 14 hours per day to care for their kids.

This requires 2.5 times as much work as a full-time job. According to the survey, which included 2,000 American women with children between the ages of 5 and 12, they generally started their days at 6:23 a.m. and ended them at 8:31 p.m., with just 1.7 hours of leisure time in between.

Additionally, it can be a source of recurrent arguments between pairs when one partner consistently criticizes the quality of the duties while failing to do their fair share of housekeeping. A 16-year-old Reddit member recently made an effort to discipline her father for undermining her stay-at-home mother and shared her confession with the AITA community. The youngster said that she was annoyed by the way her father behaves around the house, particularly when he insults her mother and siblings after coming home from work. The child stated, “My dad just gets home at the end of the day and literally complains about everything, like how the carpet isn’t clean or how the food is cold.”

She told about her plan:

“I put together an outfit that looked like a suit and put black tape over my lips to look like a mustache. at 6pm. I went inside the house. Shouted ‘I’M HOME!!’ then sat next to him in the living room and started kicking my shoes while complaining about the state of the house at the top of my lungs.”

When her father questioned what was going on, she even shouted, but all she did was repeat a word he had used against her:  “WHAT?! CAN’T A MAN EFFING REST AFTER WORKING LONG HOURS!!”

Image Source: Reddit

She immediately halted the act and said that she was attempting to portray what he is like every day when he returns from work. The kid had misgivings when the dad broke off their conversation and informed her that she had “mocked” and “invalidated” him. She went to Reddit to check whether it was appropriate for her to hold up a reflection on her dad’s behavior or whether she had gone too far. She also wanted to know whether there were any other, better methods to escape this situation. Readers in this story mostly agreed with the daughter, concluding that the father erred and that she was completely right to criticize him.

A user offered a long-term fix by suggesting that the teenager communicate her thoughts to her father and encourage her mother to speak up against it. “If you can, explain that you didn’t want to hurt him; you only wanted him to see how much your family hurts from all of the yellings. Say that you hate his yelling and that while it hurts you to hear it, it hurts more to wonder why your dad is so angry all the time. If that’s too much (understandable) then focus on talking to your mom, and ask her why she’s accepting and prolonging your exposure to verbal abuse?”