Teenage football player stops to honor his country after hearing the national anthem

Coleman Yates was in the parking lot of the school when he heard the chords to the national anthem being played. He immediately stopped what he was doing to pay tribute to the song, and a picture of him doing so has gone viral on the internet.

Source: WIS TV

After British forces bombarded Fort McHenry, the US fought and won the fight, and Francis Scott Key saw the American flag flying over the fort the following morning, he composed the famous song, which became known as The Star-Spangled Banner.

Manifestation of Patriotism

We stand at attention with our hands over our hearts whenever the chords to the National Anthem are played, and it was so uplifting to see Coleman Yates do the same thing in order to show respect for the flag. The high school senior had just concluded his varsity football practice and was on his way to his pickup in the parking lot so he could go home.

The young man got out of his vehicle and stood there with his hand over his heart, honoring the flag and our country, which was captured by Bill Floyd who couldn’t resist taking a picture of Coleman’s act of patriotism. He must have been exhausted and could have easily just relaxed in his truck instead of honoring the flag. But the young man honored the flag and our country.

The man posted on Facebook: “Your Grandaddy Sonny would be proud Coleman Yates. I know I was!!”  The photograph quickly went around the world after being shared by several news organizations around the United States.