Teacher overwhelmed with emotion as students presented with a gift that she long wanted

Even before she opened the gift, she started crying. She was so happy that her students had bought her something.

Some teachers are amazing and do everything they can to help their students. The universe has a rule that says you get back the love you give out, and a group of students told their teacher how much they love her. She is a popular teacher who probably took care of all the kids as well as she could. So, to show how much they appreciated their teacher at Christmas, this whole class chipped in and bought the best gift anyone could ask for. The video of her reaction to this wonderful gift was taken by u/pandabatron and posted on Reddit. It starts with Ms. PowPow, the teacher, bursting into tears when she finds out that her students have brought her a Christmas present.

She asks them, “What is this?” between happy tears, and they ask her to open it in front of the whole class. She first looks at a thank-you card from the class, which makes her cry. “Teachers never get thank you”, she says. She opens the gift, which is a Steelers jersey with “PowPow” written on it. The Steelers are her favourite NFL team. The teacher is thrilled and surprised to get such a thoughtful gift from her students. She holds up the T-shirt and can’t understand how much her students love her. She screams with joy, cries, and keeps showing how shocked she is. This cute video has been seen by a lot of people on Reddit, and it has 3.4k upvotes.

People on Reddit joined the comments section to praise the students for their hard work. One user, u/nobolognastoney, said, “The way the room erupted when she saw her name on the jersey, after already expressing how excited she was at the fact that it was her favourite team’s jersey did it for me.” Another Reddit user u/pbd1996, shared, “My classmates and I did this for our favourite teacher our senior year. We got her an olive leaf branch Tiffany ring (she was our Latin teacher). It was only $10 per student, so together, we were able to afford it. She bawled her eyes out and was so happy. Reminds me of this teacher. We love teachers like you Ms.PowPow!” 

LatexPred95, a third person, said, “These teachers are invaluable. Will never forget mine 15 years back, Mrs. Clarke. Took us from the gutter and never once gave up. She was so real she’d come in on Saturdays if we were struggling and you’re damn right we’d turn up.” 

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Image Source: TikTok/salene_tran

The video was first posted by @salene tran on TikTok, where it has been watched almost 8 million times. A TikTok user named u/araceli said, “This lady isn’t my teacher but I’m so happy y’all did this for her she seems like the sweetest person.” Another person, illuair472, said, “Wow, this is someone meant to be a teacher. Her students love her and there is so much mutual love and respect, I love it.”

Denise, a third person, chimed in to say, “This is amazing!!! We need more teachers like her! I don’t think she truly knows how much she’s given you guys.”