“Take My Brother First,” Heroic Final Words of a Teenager Who Gave Up Life to Save Younger Brother

One little boy, aged 13, showed amazing bravery when it was needed the most. Bravery may come in many forms, and this boy exemplifies that. He took his concerns head-on and was able to prevent his younger brother from losing his life. His act of self-sacrifice ultimately cost him everything.

The relationship between Jordan Rice and his younger brother Blake was filled with love. Even if there were some years that separated them, Jordan’s affection for his younger brother was unparalleled. This was demonstrated by a terrible trip that took place in Toowoomba, which is located west of Brisbane in Australia in 2011.

The Rice brothers and their mother, Donna, could not have foreseen that a flood would eventually lead to the realization of their darkest fear. Their car became bogged down in the shallow water, and the engine ultimately failed. Donna dialed 911, but the water levels continued to rise, posing an increasing risk to their lives with each passing minute.

The raging water

The family was advised by emergency authorities to stay put, but they were compelled to ascend onto the roof of their car in order to escape the surging floodwaters. Blake, who was ten, was terrified and had no idea how much his sibling was about to sacrifice for him.

John Tyson, Donna’s partner, described the terrible incident in detail and mentioned how many onlookers failed to help the helpless trio. Fortunately, one local man offered his assistance.

The Young Boy’s Last Words

The man rescued family by first moving closer to them with the use of a rope, which he tied around himself. He entered the perilous waters with the intention of saving Jordan and pulled him to the surface. But the older brother uttered four words that would change the course of their lives forever:

“Save my brother first.”

Jordan put his sibling’s life first, despite the fact that he is unable to swim and suffers from a phobia of water. Little Blake was rescued from the water and brought to a safe location. However, a terrible tragedy occurred when the rescuer was on his way back to save Jordan and Donna.

The mom and her son were dragged into the swift water after the rope that had been around them snapped. They did everything in their power to stay alive, clutching to a tree nearby for dear life, but the powerful current was too much for them to overcome. They were carried away by it.

Tough Little Hero

Sadly, both Donna and her courageous son passed away as a result of the ordeal, and their family was left in shambles as a result of the tremendous loss. The suddenness of their deaths left everyone in shock, yet the older brother’s legacy continued on after his passing.

John could only picture the dread and heightened emotions that his family was experiencing during the terrifying ordeal, and despite the fact that Jordan would not be laid to rest with any fanfare, he was a genuine champion.

Before delivering a heartfelt eulogy, Jordan’s father, who was inspired by his son’s bravery, referred to him as their “little hero” and said:

“Tough isn’t always loud and brash and brazen. Tough is sometimes four words quietly but firmly spoken by a boy who couldn’t swim as water threatened to submerge him. Everyone can be tough when the need arises.”

The father said, “May your wings take you to all the beautiful spots in heaven.”  Blake will surely never forget Jordan’s show of love for him by forgoing the possibility to be saved and offering his brother the gift of life.

The Worst Birthday That Has Ever Happened

The tragedy took place not long before John’s 46th birthday, but rather than celebrating with friends and family, he went to the funeral home. It was the hardest birthday he had ever had, but we can only hope that he found some measure of comfort in knowing that Donna and Jordan were celebrating their birthdays together in heaven.

Jordan was a little boy who took great pride in his one-of-a-kind style and enjoyed being creative. He had a passion for music and sketching, and there was no doubt that he was going to have an amazing future. Even though his life was cut tragically short, he went out as a hero.