Sweet baby lamb walks up to a man and asks him to pet it

Oh my goodness, she’s so cute!

One of the cutest animals is a lamb. Something about their cute faces makes you want to say “aww.”

Lambs don’t just look cute; they also act cute.

Farm animals aren’t usually thought of as pets, but spending some time with them might change your mind!

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What’s the real difference between a puppy and a lamb, besides their personalities? It’s not a super easy question! Farm animals are smart and cute in the same way that puppies can be.

All it takes to prove the point is a little interaction.

A man decided to make a video of himself hanging out with some of his farm animals last year.

This guy didn’t own cows, calves, or donkeys, though. This person has sheep.
Lee Walters had been hanging out outside and was taking a break when one of the cutest things ever happened. He records some of his spring lambs coming up to him while he is lying on the grass.

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A spring lamb is just a lamb younger than three months.

As he lies on the grass, they trot over to him to get his attention. As the birds sing and Lee lays on the green grass, he pets the lambs like they are his own pets.

Even cuter is that when he stops scratching them, the lamb gets upset.

If you’ve ever had a cat or dog, you know that they don’t like it when you try to stop petting them.

Their usual response is to paw at you or press their head into your hand or arm until you stop what you’re doing and let them do their thing. Basically, what they are saying is, “You think you’re done with me? Think again!”

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The lambs “hoof” at Lee until he gives them more scratches, just like a dog or cat would.

It looks like these small creatures know exactly what they want and how to get it. They get Lee to keep petting them by looking cute and being a little persistent. These little guys don’t give up!

Lee says that they don’t usually want this much attention, but today is different. Usually, the little lambs are out having fun and running all over the place. But something was different today!

Honestly, it’s hard to eat meat after seeing videos like this.

As animal lovers, it’s hard to see how smart and emotional these little creatures are.
Still, we can treat all animals with respect and dignity, just like Lee does here, whether they live on a farm or in a house. This video might also make a case for keeping sheep as pets.

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This lamb is so cute, and it shows how soft and friendly these animals are. What a nice little fellow!