Surgeons successfully rebuild man’s face after removing massive tumor that obstructed his breathing

Angelo, the patient identified only by his first name, underwent an arduous eight-hour surgery in Milan to reconstruct his face after the removal of a massive 3-pound benign tumor. The tumor had grown to such a size that it impeded Angelo’s ability to eat and breathe comfortably.

In a meticulous eight-hour procedure, surgeons successfully extracted a colossal 3-pound tumor that had developed on a man’s jaw, subsequently reconstructing his face.

The benign growth, illustrated in unsettling pre-operation photographs, had grown to such an extent that the patient faced difficulties with basic functions like eating and even breathing.

At Galeazzi-Sant’Ambrogio hospital in Milan, Italy, surgeons performed a procedure that involved the removal of a section of the patient’s jaw.

Local media reports indicate that the medical team successfully reconstructed the patient’s face by utilizing a curved segment of bone taken from his fibula, located in his leg.

After being diagnosed two decades ago, the tumor had been closely monitored by medical professionals. However, it was only when the tumor grew to an unmanageable size for the patient, known as Angelo, that the decision to remove it was made.

Before the actual surgery, surgeons conducted a trial operation using CT scans and a 3D printer to replicate both the patient’s jaw and the tumor. This preliminary step allowed them to carefully plan and prepare for the subsequent procedure.

Doctors will closely monitor Angelo’s recovery before proceeding with additional operations for tooth implants and the reconstruction of mouth muscles. Subsequently, cosmetic surgeons will address the scarring and excess skin resulting from the tumor removal.

In a related story from May, the Mirror reported on a young man who endured a three-year battle with the debilitating consequences of a grade two brain tumor.

Izaac Roberts faced severe challenges, including debilitating seizures, loss of speech, and numbness on one side of his body, prior to undergoing a life-saving operation. At the age of 18, he became the youngest patient to undergo an awake craniotomy at Royal Stoke Hospital earlier this year. The procedure aimed to alleviate his symptoms and ultimately save his life.

However, during the high-risk brain surgery, Izaac unexpectedly experienced a seizure, presenting a dilemma for neurosurgeon Mr. Chan. He had to decide whether to proceed with the operation, risking potential long-term complications, or wait for the seizure to subside.

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