Studies show that having kids live close to their grandparents is good for them

Humans have known since the beginning of our species how important it is for grandparents to be involved in the lives of their grandchildren. The benefits of living in close proximity to one another have recently been backed up by scientific research. A study done by the University of Oxford found that grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren make a big difference in their children’s overall health and happiness.

Everyone concerned can see how the partnership is advantageous to both parties.

To begin, you stand to get several health benefits, one of which is an enhanced expected lifespan. After that, once you realize how much joy there is in seeing a happy and smiling grandchild hanging out with their grandma and grandpa, it’s a no-brainer what you should do with your time. These are 15 unarguable justifications for why it is in everyone’s best interest to bring up grandchildren in close proximity to their grandparents.

Grandparents are excellent candidates for the role of babysitter.

It’s said with a bit of a wink to the audience, since we are all well aware that grandparents are much more than just their ages. Nevertheless, there is no ignoring the undeniable reality that it is incredibly convenient when they live in close proximity to one another. Grandparents are trustworthy people who can take care of their grandchildren if both of their biological parents are busy with other things. In addition to this, the costs are much lower than those of other child care options.

It will assist fight ageism in the future.

According to the findings of a study that was carried out in Belgium, young people who have positive and consistent contact with their grandparents are less likely to exhibit evidence of bias and discrimination against older people. There is a correlation between a lack of these types of contacts and the development of ageist views among young adults. Children who get to spend time with their grandparents on a regular basis are less likely to internalize the preconceptions that are associated with people of a certain age group.

They have the potential to serve as a beacon of light amid difficult times.

When things get tough for youngsters at home, it’s a good idea to get their grandparents involved so they can point them on the right path. When it comes to the task of disciplining their children, it is only natural for parents to take on the role of antagonist at times. However, grandparents can act as a haven for their grandchildren, providing them with a peaceful environment in which to weather the storm.

Grandparents are able to find the perfect expression for each given circumstance.

They are a treasure trove of wisdom, and it would be a big help to the grandchildren if they could learn them often. If grandparents raise their grandchildren near them, the grandchildren will get the best gift that grandparents can give: their knowledge. They’ve been through all the ups and downs before, so they always know what to say, whether it’s a good day or a bad one.

Grandkids get a stronger tie to the past as they grow up.

If the grandparents live close by, the kids will have a direct link to people from the past. They can always go to their grandma and grandpa’s house. They wanted to not only hear stories about how things used to be but also see it for themselves. There are likely to be a lot of antiques and collectibles that are one-of-a-kind, as well as tens of thousands of photos that show a lifetime of memories.

It’s important to have people around who can listen

Grandparents are the best people to talk to and listen to. Kids often feel comfortable telling their secrets to their grandma or grandpa. Kids might not tell their parents their deepest, darkest secrets, but they feel safe telling their grandparents those kinds of things. They can talk to a trusted adult about their crazy ideas and thoughts, who can then steer them in the right direction and make sure they stay on the right path.

Beliefs and values can be taught by grandparents.

In addition to the moral lessons that parents usually teach, grandparents have their own set of lessons to teach. Kids don’t have to follow in anyone’s footsteps, but hearing different points of view helps them see that there are different ways to look at the world. The kids start to see how people of different ages may see society and culture through different lenses.

They give out love all the time.

The love of grandparents is something that should be treasured and welcomed with open arms. It is unrestricted, and grandchildren may be confident that their grandparents will always be there for them, even in a world that is always shifting around them. Their love is the kind that causes all of us to feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and optimism for the future.

Grandparents provide both a sort of social support and a safety net for their grandchildren.

Grandparents can be a solid source of stability that helps their grandchildren feel safe and comfortable, especially during the preteen and teenage years, when life tends to become more chaotic. During an interview with North Jersey News, social worker Kimberly Agresta provided further explanation regarding this fact.

Agresta shared:

“If parents regularly involve grandparents in their child’s life early on, a child can develop real emotional closeness to the grandparent and begin to see the grandparent as a source of strong social support. So a child will feel that they have other adults, aside from their parents, who love and care about them in the same way, and this adds to their sense of stability and security.”

It’s been shown that grandparents who stay active have a greater chance of living longer.

According to the available data, grandparental involvement in the day-to-day activities of their grandchildren’s lives is associated with an increased likelihood of the grandparent’s survival in five years. There is also the possibility of a rise in life expectancy, which is not the sole advantage. Another study shows that grandparents who babysat at least once a week exhibited higher cognitive test scores than those who didn’t babysit at all.