Streisand’s son, once dubbed the “million-dollar baby,” is still her “honey” at 56

Barbra Streisand, the acclaimed singer, actress, and filmmaker, has only one child, Jason Gould, whom she is immensely proud of. In fact, Jason may have cost his mother a million dollars before he was even born, but that has not affected their close relationship. Streisand recently shared a black and white flashback picture of herself and her son on an aeroplane when Jason was a child on social media, calling him her “honey” and wishing him a happy birthday.

Jason is openly homosexual, and Streisand has always accepted him for who he is. She has gushed over him in interviews, calling him intelligent, kind, sensitive, and an excellent person. She feels blessed to have a son like him and wants him to experience a rich life full of love, joy, contentment, and fulfilment, both creatively and personally.

Streisand had Jason with actor Elliot Gould, whom she married in 1963. When she became pregnant with their child in 1966, she cancelled her planned concerts, which were expected to net her over a million dollars, in order to prioritize her pregnancy. This drew media attention, and her unborn child was dubbed the “million-dollar baby,” which she found offensive and crass. Nonetheless, she didn’t care about the lost money because her pregnancy was more important to her.

Jason has followed in his parents’ footsteps to become an actor and director. He is best known for his roles in “Say Anything,” “The Prince of Tides,” and “Boys Life 3” (2000). Elliot, his father, is most famous for his roles in the 1969 comedy “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” and the 1970 comedy series “MAS*H.” He also played an old-school con artist named Reuben Tishkoff in “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) and “Ocean’s Twelve” (2004).

After Streisand and Elliot divorced in 1971, Jason remained close to both of them. Elliot married actress Jennifer Bogart in 1973, with whom he had two children, Samuel and Molly, before divorcing in 1975, remarrying in 1978, and divorcing again in 1989. Streisand, on the other hand, married Emmy Award-winning actor James Brolin in 1998, and the couple is still together, although they have no children together.

Elliot has spoken highly of his present relationship with Streisand, despite their divorce. He still incorporates her and Jason in his life and considers her to be a very important part of his life. He has also assured Streisand that he will always be a part of her life, even though they are no longer together.

When asked about his birthday gift to Streisand on her 75th birthday, Elliot said they generally don’t exchange gifts. He also described Jason as being like both of his parents, with his own attention and creative genius, and he feels that Jason is the sun in their lives.