Stranger Rescues Abandoned Daughter on Road, Raises Her as His Own

One ordinary evening, a man’s life was forever altered when he used his phone’s flashlight to illuminate an unknown object.

June 15, 2022, was a day that Benkingsley Nwashara and his friends would never forget. As they walked down the road, they noticed an unfamiliar object lying in their path. Initially, they thought it was a snake or a wooden log, but as they drew closer, they realized it was something entirely different.

One Serendipitous Encounter That Changed a Man’s Life Permanently

Nwashara felt his fear and nervousness intensify as he shone his light on the unknown object. When he saw what it was, his heart began to race.

It wasn’t a snake or a log; it was a living creature – a helpless baby girl, all alone and cold. Despite his fear, the man did something incredibly brave.

Thanks to the actions of a kind stranger, a helpless baby girl was saved from certain danger.

Nwashara remembered the rain pouring down on the helpless baby girl as he picked her up from the street in Agbani, Enugu state, Nigeria. He knew he had to act quickly to help her.

“Fear [overwhelmed] me as she did not [move] or make any sound.”

Nwashara couldn’t bear to leave the two-year-old baby in her condition, despite the police’s suggestion to take her home and return the next day.

Realizing the baby needed urgent medical attention, Nwashara took it upon himself to take her to the hospital. He recounted that he saw how critical the situation was and made the decision to take care of the child. He said, “From [that] day, I [became] papa overnight.”

Navigating the Unknowns of Parenthood

After the baby recovered from her injuries through 15 hours of treatment, Nwashara faced a new challenge. He didn’t know how to properly care for a baby, especially when it came to nutrition. He turned to the internet to seek advice on the best diet for the child.

As people began to offer him advice, they also began asking why the child’s mother had abandoned her.

The Circumstances of the Abandonment

Nwashara chose not to disclose any further information about the child’s mother or the situation that led to the child’s abandonment.

He considered the little girl a gift from God, regardless of the unknown circumstances that brought her into his life.

A baby girl’s life was transformed through an act of compassion.

Nwashara spent over $300 on baby food and clothes for the little girl out of his own volition. He considered her as his own daughter and planned to explain the unique situation to his future wife.

He pledged to do everything in his power to provide the best life for the child because she brought him immense happiness. In his words:

“If I wake up seeing the baby playing or sleeping, it is joyful. It gives me [joy] inside. I’m happy that the baby is recovering, and she’s happy.”

A Call for Kindness in a World Where It’s Often Lacking

The graduate of law hoped that his story would inspire young people to practice selflessness, as we live in a world where people often neglect caring for others, even those in their immediate vicinity. He further stated:

“Young people are supposed to learn that it is good to do good, and I chose to save her life because of God.”

Nwashara’s selfless act of taking care of the abandoned baby girl is a reminder that even in the midst of unknown circumstances, kindness and compassion can make a significant impact in someone’s life.

His story inspires us all to extend a helping hand to those in need, and to be a beacon of hope in a world where people often disregard each other. We wish the Good Samaritan and the little girl he saved all the best.