Stolen baby donkey found and happily reunited with her concerned mother

In a heartwarming update to the previous story, the stolen baby donkey named Moon has been joyfully found and reunited with her mother. Last month, Moon, a two-month-old donkey foal, was taken from Miller’s Ark farm in Hampshire, England, causing immense distress for both the farm staff and Moon’s mother, Astra.

The farm staff expressed their devastation and concern on Facebook, sharing the deep distress Astra experienced without her baby. Owner Elizabeth Miller described Astra’s state as she paced along the fence line, braying loudly, unable to understand the absence of her foal.

To aid in the search, a reward of £10,000 was offered for Moon’s safe return, and supporters raised £2,000 to install security cameras on the farm.

After weeks of uncertainty, the farm shared the incredible news that Moon had been found safe and sound. Miller’s Ark posted on Facebook, expressing their immense joy and relief as Moon was returned to them. The owners, accompanied by Thames Valley Police, traveled to Buckinghamshire to retrieve the donkey.

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Moon’s safe return has brought immense happiness as she reunites with her mother, Astra. Miller’s Ark conveyed their gratitude for the support and assistance received, acknowledging everyone who helped spread the word and the efforts of the Thames Valley, Surrey, and Hampshire Police departments in the search.

Hampshire police sergeant Stuart Ross expressed his delight in the positive outcome, highlighting the tireless efforts put into locating Moon and thanking those who shared the appeals and provided information on potential sightings.

While the exact details of the theft remain unclear, the farm staff believes that someone took advantage of the donkeys’ gentle nature and stole Moon directly from the field. Hampshire and Isle of Wight constabulary’s Countrywatch team will continue investigating the circumstances of the theft.

In the midst of ongoing investigations, the focus remains on the happiness of Moon’s recovery and reunion with her mother. The Miller’s Ark Animals employee, Pamela Jessopp, expressed overwhelming excitement and gratitude, emphasizing the role of the public and supporters in spreading the story and generating widespread emotional engagement.

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