Steve Irwin’s Son Cried as He Walked His Sister Down the Aisle — He Hopes His Late Dad Would Be Proud of Him

A videotape that chronicles the terrible death of Steve Irwin more than ten years ago is one of those items that the general public will never see. Steve was barbed by a stingray while filming a new TV show in September 2006 at the Batt Reef near Port Douglas.

As soon as it happened, the camera team did everything they could to save his life while transporting him to the shore, where paramedics then started CPR. Sadly, he lost away prior to getting to the hospital.

After the horrific incident, Steve’s close friend, filmmaker John Stainton, gave an emotional interview to CNN presenter Larry King and swore to see to it that the tape was never released. Stainton was among those who the tragic event had a significant impact on.

He was the one who flew Steve’s body from Cairns to Sydney in a seaplane. The trip took about six hours, and Stainton claims that he sobbed for nearly five hours due to how heartbreaking the loss was.

Not only that, but he had to watch as Terri, Steve’s wife, and their children, Bindi and Robert, saw the coffin for the first time. Eight-year-old Bindi spoke briefly about her father during the open memorial service for Steve held a few weeks following his passing. She stated:

“My daddy was my hero. He was always there for me when I needed him. He listened to me and taught me so many things, but most of all, he was fun. I know that Daddy had an important job. He was working to change the world so everyone would love wildlife like he did.”

Bindi went on to say that she wanted to continue her father’s commitment to helping endangered species even after he passed away. She referred to him as the “best daddy in the whole world” and expressed her daily loss.

Other famous people whose lives the late Steve had touched in some manner also extended their condolences, many of which highlighted the outstanding qualities of his character while still living.

Like Dad Like Son

Robert was only a young lad of two years old when his dad passed away; yet, because his dad had a presence on television, Robert has a reservoir of memories that have been preserved for him to draw upon. Robert once revealed that when he was a boy, he used to get up early every morning before school and watch old documentaries of his father.

She shared the news that her daughter now looks for images of the late Steve and Terri, whenever the family visits a zoo.

According to Robert, it gave him the impression that he was more connected to Steve. He is grateful for all of the videos that were able to capture his dad’s personality on tape. These videos have awakened memories from his boyhood, and he is thankful that he still has them.

Robert has willingly stepped into his dad’s shoes to carry on his father’s legacy of animal conservation because it has defined him for the most of his life. In a TV appearance in 2021, Robert spoke about his father and told the hosts:

“I miss him every minute of every day, especially on those milestone moments in my life and what would have been his birthday.”

Days like that are extremely difficult for the Irwin family, but Robert claimed that they are merely a reminder of their mission: to make sure that what Steve lived and died for never disappears.

That entails doing a good job of taking care of the zoo he left behind, and everyone contributes. Terri, Robert’s mother, tried her best to safeguard her children during the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining the zoo’s integrity. The zoo and their family both made it through; according to Robert, they have just gotten stronger.

Although he only had two years of Steve’s existence, Robert has developed into an attractive guy who resembles the late Croc Hunter. Despite this, Robert still has a great deal of love for Steve. He posted a video collage of his father playing with him and his sister when they were young on Father’s Day.

He said in the caption that he had been “fortunate” with the “greatest dad in the world,” and he admitted that he was thinking about the wildlife enthusiast who had passed away, and all he could remember of him was the good times they had together.


I had the best dad in the world. Thinking of him and remembering nothing but fun times. I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day in the US – sending love to those who couldn’t celebrate with their Dad ❤️

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He Served as a Substitute for Steve

It is customary for the father to hand off his daughter to her new husband by accompanying her down the aisle of the church, but Steve was unable to carry out this duty before he passed away. Because of the striking resemblance between Robert and the late Steve, the feeling created by his presence was that the absent Steve had been replaced by a younger version of himself.

Since she was a little child, Bindi had been looking forward to the day that she would get married, and when she was 22, she made the decision that the time had come. While she was making preparations, she came to the conclusion that Robert would be the ideal person to stand in for her father at the wedding and lead her down the aisle.

On the day of the wedding, Robert performed admirably, but it was clear that he was emotional as he escorted his sister down the aisle. When asked about the occurrence, he replied as follows:

“I think for me I was incredibly emotional at the same time, not only being so proud for Bindi, it’s such a happy day, but also kind of thinking how much I wish that dad could have been there and that was his job to walk her down the aisle.”

On the family’s Zoo page, specifics of their wedding were made public. Near the end of the video, Robert was given permission to talk with Bindi and her husband, Chandler, about some of his feelings. As the “greatest honor and the most special moment of my life.” he referred to the privilege.

He then broke down in tears as he expressed his joy at having Chandler join the family. Later, in a social media message, his sister thanked him for all of his support. They have always gotten along well, and she enjoys talking about him on social media.

She was positive he would be the “best uncle” when she was expecting her first child. Additionally, Bindi has made sure that her child is aware of her grandparents.

Many hearts were melted when she disclosed in an August video that her daughter now looks for photos of the late Terri and Steve at the zoo.