Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth rears the end of his life with only a few days left

Steve Harwell, the frontman of Smash Mouth, is now in the final stages of his life after a long battle with medical issues.

According to information obtained by TMZ, a manager for the lead singer of Smash Mouth revealed that Steve has grappled with alcohol abuse for a significant portion of his life.

Sadly, he has now reached the advanced stage of liver failure. Steve had been undergoing treatment at a hospital until very recently.

Currently, Steve Harwell is under hospice care at his residence, where his close friends and family have gathered over the past three days. According to his manager, it is estimated that he may have just about a week left to live.

This development follows an incident nearly two years ago when Steve’s condition raised alarm. During a live performance, he appeared disoriented, slurring his words, and engaging in confrontational behavior with the audience. The incident was deeply concerning, and shortly afterward, Steve announced his retirement.

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During that period, individuals close to Steve Harwell disclosed that he had been contending with persistent health challenges, which stemmed from various diagnoses he had received over the years. These diagnoses included cardiomyopathy, heart failure, and Wernicke’s encephalopathy. Substance abuse was also cited as a contributing factor to his deteriorating condition.

This is undoubtedly a profoundly sorrowful development for his fans and music enthusiasts across the world.

Smash Mouth left an indelible mark on early 2000s pop culture with some of their most iconic hits, including “All Star,” “I’m a Believer,” and more. Several of their songs even found their way into the “Shrek” movie franchise.

It’s particularly heartbreaking to note that Steve Harwell is only 56 years old, making his health struggles all the more tragic.

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