Spinning UFO with ‘fiery thruster’ spotted as US officer claims shape is ‘alien’

Footage of a mysterious flying object, featuring a spinning fiery thruster, has caused a stir within the UFO community. The clip shows an unknown craft with a resemblance to spaceships from the popular film Independence Day. The UFO-like object is also equipped with a fiery thruster on its back, burning with varying intensities.

In the video, the fiery thruster of the UFO begins to spin, transforming the entire craft into a blazing fireball in the sky before eventually settling into a spinning line of flames.

The original footage was captured by a local resident in the borough of Cerro, Havana, Cuba, back in 2019. Recently, it resurfaced on social media and gained viral attention after Cuban journalist Juan Manuel Cao, 62, shared it on his AmericaTeVe Miami channel.

Cao said: “It’s the closest thing to a flying saucer I’ve ever seen and it’s not a dot in the sky, it’s clearly visible.”

During the show, former US Intelligence Officer, Colonel Octavio Pérez, offered his insights on the video. He proposed that the aircraft could be utilizing an anti-gravitational system, indicating that it might be of extraterrestrial origin or a spy plane adapted from alien technology.

One viewer commented: “Those US military ships using alien technology are everywhere.”

Another said: “At first it looks blurry, but then the object becomes very clear. It is one of the best images I have ever seen.”

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