Sperm whale swims to a diver and “asks” for assistance with a snagged hook

It’s incredible how intelligent these animals are. This was a sight to behold

A man was underwater when a miraculous event occurred.

A sperm whale “requested” his assistance.

Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) are massive, 55-foot-long mammals.

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Despite their size, they are also vulnerable.

According to scientists, these whales have the largest brains of any known species. Perhaps this whale’s intelligence enabled it to request assistance from a diver.

The heads of sperm whales contain large quantities of a substance known as spermaceti.

As enormous as they are, these whales are gentle and only eat squid that they find when they dive to the ocean floor.

Diver’s name is Hugues Vitry.

In this video, the renowned Maurician environmentalist and underwater photographer removed a small hook from the whale’s lower jaw.

In addition to being the Diving Centre Manager, Vitry is also the Vice President of the Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization.

Once, he untangled a whale that had become entangled in ropes. According to Vitry, a single person can make a significant difference in the effort to preserve marine life.

Additionally, he cautions against believing everything the media says about the oceans.

Considering his extensive experience, this was truly exceptional.

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The whale swims close to Vitry, shifting its massive body laterally before opening its jaw to indicate to the diver that she required assistance.

One tiny hook caused this enormous whale distress. Consider what enormous objects could do.

As the whale swims alongside Vitry, he focuses his camera on her and describes what was occurring.

It’s a sight to behold.

Vitry reports seeing blood.

The translation is rough, but he claims that the hook was near the whale’s tooth, so he was able to remove it from the whale’s mouth with some force.

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The enormous mammal remained calm throughout.

This is the best part.

Vitry was awestruck when the whale appeared to linger after he attempted to reassure it that the conflict was over.

The whale appeared to be thanking him in return! According to this viewer, who appeared to comprehend Vitry’s French,

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“For those interested, the guy (an overseas French, I’d say Reunionnais but he could from another island) talks about how strange it was to see this sperm whale come to them with its open mouth yet unagressively, how he saw that its mouth was bleeding, and how after the hook was removed he took a little time to try to make the whale understand it was over, hugged it, and how the sperm whale stood by for a while after that, showing signs that could be interpreted as gratitude.”

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Whales are extremely intelligent animals.

Even as he pressed his head against the whale’s and whispered soothing words, Vitry hugged and comforted her.