Son-in-Law Evicts Elderly Woman after Daughter Died, Leaving Her Homeless and on the Streets

After losing her daughter, an elderly woman found herself facing a series of devastating setbacks. Each blow left her vulnerable, as she struggled to cope with the sudden uncertainty that life had thrown her way.

Nelly Marín de Álvarez, a 78-year-old woman, endured an immense amount of heartache that few can fathom. She tragically lost her beloved child in a car accident and was left to raise her grandson on her own.

In the midst of grieving her daughter’s death, Marín de Álvarez found solace in caring for her grandson. However, she soon faced yet another unexpected and devastating challenge that added to her already overwhelming burden.

The Defenseless Woman Was Forced Out of Her Residence

In November 2022, Marín de Álvarez’s son-in-law obtained an eviction order from a judge, forcing her out of the home she had called her own for over 20 years.

Despite having paid for various services associated with the house, such as property taxes and fees, Marín de Álvarez was denied access and treated as though she were a stranger.

The case went to court, and a judge in Piedecuesta, Colombia, ruled in favor of the son-in-law, ordering Marín de Álvarez to vacate the premises. As a result, a padlock was placed on the door, leaving her with nothing but the clothes on her back.

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The padlock on Nelly Marín de Álvarez’s home | Source:

Marín de Álvarez was denied the ability to retrieve any of her belongings, including her most treasured possessions, by the judge’s ruling.

Subsequently, Marín de Álvarez was left with no choice but to live on the streets, right outside the entrance of the house she had once called her home. She was exposed to the harsh elements without access to basic necessities for survival.

As time passed, Marín de Álvarez’s health deteriorated, and the anguish on her face served as a poignant reminder of the cruelty and injustice she had endured. The bitter dispute revolved around the rightful ownership of the property, with her son-in-law claiming it as his own, leaving Marín de Álvarez in a dire and desperate situation.

The Community Reacts with Outrage to the Woman’s Plight

Marín de Álvarez’s neighbors took it upon themselves to bring her story to the attention of the media, demanding justice for the elderly woman who had been left in such a precarious situation.

Expressing their outrage and disbelief, the neighbors emphasized Marín de Álvarez’s right to remain in her own home. One neighbor, who was acquainted with her, stated that the elderly woman had been mistreated, further fueling the community’s indignation.

Captured in striking photos: Elderly man ousted from Bank of America, cop takes action
Banners made by community members supporting Nelly Marín de Álvarez. | Source:

Marín de Álvarez was not present when the lock was placed on her home, and she received no prior notification of the eviction. The community anxiously awaited a resolution and hoped that justice would ultimately prevail. Another concerned neighbor, Ludy Toloza, shared:

“As soon as we saw that he was there, we offered her lodging, even food, clothing, and what is necessary so that she can bathe and wash her clothes. I do not know the reasons that the judge had to decide she had to sleep outside.”

Marín de Álvarez wandered the streets, carrying her backpack and with disheveled hair, wearing the same clothes day after day. She was even forced to sleep on the streets, a harsh reality that prompted her concerned neighbors to take action on her behalf.

The community fervently called for Marín de Álvarez’s house to be returned to her, so she could spend her remaining years in peace and comfort. They also hoped that the law would intervene to protect the rights of elderly individuals, who are often vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Captured in striking photos: Elderly man ousted from Bank of America, cop takes action
Community members supporting Nelly Marín de Álvarez. | Source: Noticias

The dire circumstances took a toll on Marín de Álvarez, causing her to lose weight and engulfing her in sadness as she grappled with what to do next. Even the municipality of Piedecuesta showed no compassion for her plight.

“I smile on the outside, but I’m crying on the inside, and I’m deteriorating” expressed the heartbroken woman, left without a roof over her head.

In response to Marín de Álvarez’s situation, the community rallied behind her cause. In a powerful display of support, neighbors erected banners demanding the rights of the elderly, standing up for justice and advocating for Marín de Álvarez’s well-being.

Captured in striking photos: Elderly man ousted from Bank of America, cop takes action

A woman who knew Nelly Marín de Álvarez | Source: Noticias

Marín de Álvarez sought the assistance of a defense attorney who was working tirelessly to fight her case and appeal the judge’s decision. Neighbor Toloza expressed:

“I understand that they are waiting to see the ruling of the Supreme Court, but they are taking a long time and are going to give the ruling when [Marín de Álvarez] can no longer enter due to her age.”

Should Marín de Álvarez’s son-in-law ultimately be granted ownership of the house and she be forcibly evicted, the community made a resolute vow to take matters into their own hands and reclaim her belongings from the property.

Captured in striking photos: Elderly man ousted from Bank of America, cop takes action
Nelly Marín de Álvarez’s neighbor Ludy Toloza | Source: Noticias

The community’s united effort in demanding justice for Marín de Álvarez is heartening and serves as a poignant reminder of the world’s urgent need for more compassion, empathy, and kindness towards vulnerable individuals.