Six Brothers Excitedly Welcome the Birth of Their First Sister

In this touching video, the six Lair brothers greet the arrival of their first sister, Ruby Jane, and discuss their thoughts on the new addition to their member. The younger brothers, Jackson (13), Campbell (10) Sawyer (7), Houston (5), Shepherd (4), and Knox (2), each take turns holding her and talking to her sweetly.

The comments made by the guys from “I’m worried about the pink…I don’t like pink” to “She is cuter than I thought she would be.”  Knox just kept silent; all he does is give his little sister a sweet peck on the head.

Observing their responses and hearing what they have to say always manages to put a big grin on my face. Ruby Jane is a very fortunate little girl since she has six wonderful brothers.

Below is another version of the video that you can watch: