Single father wears wig and dress to bring joy to adopted daughter at school’s Mother’s Day event

Across the globe, a diverse array of parents exists, each possessing a distinct approach to expressing affection for their children. In the midst of daunting situations, parents consistently go above and beyond to support their children’s well-being.

In a touching instance, a sole father stumbled upon news of his daughter’s school arranging a special event for mothers and daughters in honor of Mother’s Day. Recognizing the significance of the occasion, he felt compelled to take action. His foremost concern was ensuring that his daughter, Cream, did not experience feelings of exclusion. Without hesitation, he embraced the role of both mother and father, mirroring the unwavering dedication he had exhibited over the years.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation
Cream embraces her dad, Mr. Lookphonbodee. | Source:

A 48-year-old father, who happened to be a teacher at the same school, made a remarkable choice for the event. He opted to don a dress and a wig, going above and beyond to participate. In a poignant video capturing the scene, mothers of students were seated in rows, while he knelt on the floor alongside his daughter.

A Dad’s Love for His Daughter is Endless

As the girl lifted her gaze from the floor, a wave of astonishment washed over her upon spotting her father seated in front of her, clad in a plaid dress. Overwhelmed with emotion, she tightly embraced him, her efforts to hold back tears evident.

Following their heartwarming hug, the young girl maintained her kneeling position while her father delicately adjusted her hair. This poignant display of affection quickly spread across the internet, showcasing the unadulterated love shared between a devoted father and his daughter.

Since being shared on TikTok, the video has garnered an impressive 390,000 views, accompanied by numerous likes and shares. Viewers have celebrated the touching moment of the girl’s genuine response to her father’s heartfelt gesture, applauding the father’s considerate actions.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation
Cream greatly appreciated her dad’s efforts. | Source:

The father, brimming with pride, shared the video on social media with a poignant caption: “Mom, I can be you.” Despite Cream lacking a conventional mother figure, it held no significance to her, for her father embodied all the roles she needed and more.

Mr. Lookphonbodee is resolute in ensuring his daughter never experiences a sense of inferiority. Whenever the school arranges events that involve students’ mothers, he consistently makes his presence known, serving as a steadfast reminder to his daughter that she is never isolated. He expressed:

“Personally, I’m not ashamed because I love my child. And we do fun activities together as usual.”

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation
They shared a long embrace during the event. | Source:

The Proud Daughter Reacted Sweetly Towards Her Dad

Following the incident’s widespread attention, Cream herself effusively praised her father’s extraordinary gesture. Overflowing with love and gratitude, she conveyed that her life was complete because she had him by her side.

In describing her father’s Mother’s Day attire, Cream affectionately used words like “cute” and “beautiful.” The memory of his actions brought a constant smile to her face.

Known as “Teacher Joe” to his students, Cream’s father, Mr. Lookphonbodee, holds the position of a physical education and health education teacher at her school. Embracing the role of a single parent, he wholeheartedly adopted Cream and has provided her with a nurturing environment.

Together, they journey to Ban Noen Kroi School in the Kamphaeng Phet province of Thailand. Here, they partake in their roles for the day – Cream as a student, and Mr. Lookphonbodee as a devoted teacher.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation
The dad lovingly fixed his daughter’s hair. | Source:

The story resonated with online users who eagerly shared their sentiments, applauding the father’s touching display of parenthood. “This is probably the sweetest thing I have watched for a long time,” expressed one individual. Another user conveyed their well-wishes, saying, “Wishing father and daughter all the best in their lives.”

“Love is not gender-based. A touching story and a courageous man who raised a daughter as a single parent,” another added.

“Incomplete that is actually complete,” one internet user said. Many saluted Mr. Lookphonbodee for his courage and for changing his daughter’s life, calling him a “hero.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation
People’s comments on the touching story. | Source:

Navigating the path of single parenthood is undoubtedly challenging, just as growing up in a family that might feel incomplete can be difficult. Yet, for Cream and her father, their joint efforts have transformed challenges into triumphs. Even in moments where certain elements might be absent, they’ve diligently crafted a bond that fills any gaps. To them, the strength of their mutual affection eclipses any perceived deficiencies, rendering their love a bountiful source of completeness.

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