Single dad raises son, later learns he’s not the biological father

On January 22, 2019, Dominique Hermann, a man from New Jersey, was ecstatic to welcome his third child, Sa’kye Dominique, into the world. Although he had been a parent twice before, he was just as thrilled as if it were his first time.

However, Hermann’s life was turned upside down just one month after his child was born when the baby’s mother suddenly departed and never returned. With little choice, Hermann had to raise his child as a single father, despite not knowing much about caring for an infant.

Hermann hired a free babysitter and relied on his family for assistance in raising the child. He quickly learned the ropes and became a capable single dad, daydreaming about his child’s future while struggling to understand why fate had placed him in such a difficult situation. However, he was unaware that his time with his child was limited.

Hermann, who had become a father for the third time at the age of 40, did not have children on his list of priorities, but he did his best to be a good father to his son, unaware that life would soon throw him a curveball.

After parenting Dominique for nine months, Hermann learned that he was not the biological father. He was devastated and had to surrender his 10-month-old son to a family he knew nothing about.

Hermann was distraught when Dominique’s biological father wanted him back, and he was compelled to make arrangements for his child’s farewell according to a court ruling. Hermann updated his Instagram account (@chefdomcreates) with information about his son, describing him in an emotional post as a “rented toy” that he had to return to his biological father. He hoped that Dominique was in God’s care and would always be his son.

Despite his sadness, Hermann consented to give Dominique up to his birth family, knowing that he would want his child back if he were in the same position. He sympathized with Dominique’s biological family and hoped that they would grow to love him as much as he did.

Hermann had been looking forward to Dominique’s first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday, but his heart was shattered when Dominique’s biological father took him on November 22, 2019. Hermann believed that his new father and family would love him just as much as his family did, but he missed his son terribly.

After bidding farewell to Dominique, Hermann struggled to adjust to his new life. The absence of the infant created a void that no one else could fill, and after ten months of getting close to his child, he no longer knew how to live without him.

However, an extraordinary opportunity presented itself when Dominique’s biological father invited Hermann and his family to meet the little child. When they were reunited after two months apart, Hermann posted a photo of the child sleeping on his chest and expressed his gratitude to the biological father, as he never expected to see his son again.

Since then, Hermann has routinely shared photos and videos of his son on Instagram, expressing his longing for him to the world. A year after Dominique’s biological father took him away, Hermann shared a video of that day and said that he had ultimately accepted God’s will.

Hermann’s story is a testament to the unpredictability of life and his resilience in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges he faced, he adapted to his new reality and never stopped loving his son.