Single dad of 7 left speechless when receiving a big surprise from stranger

In 2018, Dakota Nelson of Ashton, Idaho, unexpectedly lost his wife. Suddenly, he was left to care for seven kids on his own. He had to take up three part-time jobs to get by.

The family had a challenging year, but right before Christmas, Nelson received a very wonderful present, ensuring that his kids would have a holiday to enjoy. A Secret Santa had asked the East Idaho News team to send him $10,000 to support his family.

Source: Youtube/ East Idaho News.

Explaining the family’s situation, Nelson said that in July 2018, he was in the garage with his wife. They were goofing around and having fun. Then he left to get a few tools, but when he came back, his partner was on the ground and unable to breathe.

Source: Youtube/ East Idaho News.

Nelson attempted to revive his wife until the emergency staff arrived. For a few weeks, she was in a coma. She passed away on the last day of September at the age of 38. The family had no idea about the death of their beloved wife and mother.

Now, Nelson had to take care of his seven kids from one to 16 by himself. He wasn’t sure how he would buy Christmas gifts for them until several people nominated him for the Secret Santa program of East Idaho News.

Check out the video below to see how Santa’s $10k plan for Nelson’s family and how he reacted to this unexpected gift!