Single California dad surprised with new home after living in tent with 4 kids for 6 months

A fire that ravaged a family’s California home left them homeless and without hope, forever altering their way of life. They spent months in tents before a surprise miracle saved them.

The Hatch family had a comfortable life in the Grizzly Flats region, and Eric, the sole parent, did his best to take care of his four children. They were extremely important to him, and he never dared think that his worst dread might come true.

When their house was destroyed by the Caldor Fire, everything changed for the family. Many individuals were made homeless by the horrific wildfire, but because to Layla, Eric’s daughter, someone saw them and offered them a gift that would change their lives.

expressed her feelings as follows:

“It really did break us all because now we’re all kind of lost, but we still have each other no matter what.”

One of the other children commented that getting up in the morning was the most difficult part of the day. They were forced to suffer yet another day, but they tried their best to maintain a positive attitude by saying, “I can do this. Let’s go.”

recalled in the meantime:

“[We are] fighting the weather most of the time. I’m trying to cook, shower and get them ready for school and [help them] do homework.”

The family was kept busy, and Eric tried to make sure his children were still finding time for school. The kids continued to be responsible students and completed their assignments despite their situation.

Rebuilding Their Lives

Dad Eric felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and could hardly wait to settle into his brand-new home. In addition to that, he was looking for work so that he could raise his children. In spite of the fact that their lives would never be the same again, they are beginning to rebuild and are finding hope in spite of the destruction.

With the support of his cherished children, Eric was inspired to keep moving forward and was able to make it through each new day. They were forced to deal with loss, yet the generosity of total strangers helped make their life look lighter.