Singer Tony Bennett, 96, says ‘Life is a gift’ despite Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Tony Bennett, the Guinness World Record holder and America’s most gifted jazz singer, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago. Despite his diagnosis, he maintains a positive outlook on life and, thankfully, he can still recognize his loved ones.

The living legend turned 96 last month! Surprisingly, his social media page shared a charming photo of the ever-vivacious singer holding a microphone in one hand while staring boldly into the air.

Following his last year’s album, Tony became the oldest person to release an album of new material, making him a Guinness World Records holder.

In 2016, Tony was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Memory loss is a defining feature of this illness, affecting the victim’s cognitive state. The carrier gradually loses the ability to communicate and comprehend, and eventually loses the ability to recognize loved ones.

Fortunately, the legendary singer does not exhibit all of the symptoms of the disease. Instead, he observes his surroundings calmly, living a remarkable life with the help of his much younger, loving wife, Susan.

Susan told an interviewer last year that her husband remembers family members but occasionally loses touch with reality; however, this behavior never lasts.

Tony is an inspiration to many people. Despite the diagnosis, he continued to perform music professionally and went on to produce an album.

Susan confessed that it is not always easy, but she is grateful to be surrounded by helpful hands and a husband who is often cheerful. She added:

“He recognizes me, thank goodness, his children, you know, we are blessed in lotta ways.”

The 96-year-old reminds his wife that he is fine whenever she explains his condition. But above everything else, he believes “life is a gift – even with Alzheimer’s”, and shows gratitude to his family for their support.