She gave birth at 36,000 feet, four brave passengers rushed to her side to assist

Even though her physicians had given her the go-ahead to fly, Kendria Rhoden was shocked when she gave delivery while in flight at 36,000 feet. Thankfully, other passengers rushed to her assistance.

The last thing you anticipate when you are pregnant and given the all-clear to fly is to give birth while you are at 36,000 feet. The very same thing happened to a 21-year-old new mother, but happily, brave bystanders rushed to her assistance to ensure that the delivery went as smoothly as possible.

Because her waters broke in the middle of the flight when she was 32 weeks pregnant, Kendria Rhoden had no choice but to give birth to her son Skylen in the back of a plane. When her waters broke in the middle of the trip, she and her sister Kendalee Rhoden, who is 26 years old, were traveling to the Dominican Republic to celebrate their mother’s birthday.

Image: Caters News Agency

Baby Skylen was delivered with the assistance of four other passengers, and despite the fact that his due date wasn’t until the end of October, he only weighed a meager 3 pounds and 7 ounces when he came into the world.

New mum Kendria stated: “I started feeling cramps at first, right at the beginning of the flight. These carried on and 34 minutes into the flight my waters broke.”

“The cabin crew were such a big help and they had to help deliver Skylen at the back of the plane. I just remember everyone filming us when we were coming off the plane and they were all saying congratulations to me.”

Kendalee shared that her sister was having a difficult time settling into her seat on the flight, and that Kendalee herself was sitting in the window seat while her sister was in the aisle seat.

In her words, When they were about a half an hour away from landing, her sister grabbed her and informed her that her water had burst, which really stunned her.

She persisted in asking the sister whether she was sure until the sister finally rose up, at which point the entire seat was soaked. She didn’t waste any time in notifying her family and pressing the emergency button, which resulted in the flight attendants rushing over to the location.

The pilot was pleading for anyone with any kind of medical skill to assist, and thank goodness there were four individuals who came to her sister’s aid when she needed it.

After an extremely tense twenty minutes, a report was released that they’d had a new passenger aboard, a gorgeous newborn boy named Skylen.

It came as a surprise to all of us, including Kendria’s physicians, who had given her the all-clear, and the baby wasn’t supposed to arrive for another month; therefore, it was a miracle that it happened at all.

Skylen, who received his unusual name as a result of his unusual birth experience, was born too early and had to spend four days in the neonatal intensive care unit.

After Skylen left the hospital, Kendria was unsure of his nationality. To settle the issue, they traveled to the American embassy, where it was determined that Skylen is American because his mother is an American.