Server writes a nice note on the tab of firefighters, not knowing that it will change everything

Liz Woodward was working the midnight shift at the 130 Diner in Delran, New Jersey.

Then, at approximately five in the morning, she became aware of two firemen who had entered the diner.

When she inquired as to what they desired, one of them requested the “largest” cup of coffee that they offered.

The poor firefighters looked very tired.

Woodward knew about the fire in a North Brunswick warehouse close by. It was one of the most important news of the day.

She reasoned that the two men had worked the same shift as them.

She was aware of the difficult night they had.

Tim Young wrote on his Facebook page: “After 12 hours fighting the fire and supplying water, he hadn’t ate so I took him out for breakfast to the route 130 diner in Delran.”
Tim was one of the two customers that early morning, and Paul was the one who helped put out the fire for 12 hours.

When the two men asked for the bill, they were surprised to see a note on it.

The note wrote, “Your breakfast is on me today – Thank you for all that you do; for serving others & for running into the places everyone else runs away from.”

Liz Woodward, their waitress, heard everything. She was so impressed by how brave the front-liners were that she decided to pay their bill.

Tim, moved by the kind act of the waitress, decided to share it on social media, and as a result, it quickly gained widespread attention.

Tim and Paul were unprepared for the fact that Liz, the source of their good act, was in need of assistance herself.

A GoFundMe campaign that Liz had established the previous year was shared by Tim and Paul. It was meant for Steve, her father.

Steve had a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Steve became a quadriplegic because of this. It was hard for anyone in his family to take him anywhere, especially to his doctor’s appointments.

They needed a specialized vehicle, a van with ramp access for wheelchair users.

As a result of the post going viral, a greater number of people contributed to the GoFundMe account.

The information also reached Mobility Ventures LLC, a well-known manufacturer of the car that they want.

Steve received a free MV-1 from them.

Regarding the money they raised through GoFundMe, each and every penny was used toward covering Steve’s medical bills.


The original objective of the GoFundMe page was to raise $17,000. Today, it has already surpassed the amount of $86,500.

Liz and her family couldn’t believe how one small act of generosity on Liz’s part resulted in a series of fortunate occurrences.

Liz felt nothing but gratitude when she thought about the fact that there are people who would spend their entire life in service to their nation and its citizens.

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