Senior saves stray puppy, unaware that the dog would eventually save his life

Derik Hodgson and Badger have shared numerous experiences and have saved each other’s lives.

Hodgson has been residing in rural Ontario for several years and has a secluded cabin, which he prefers.

Source: Purina Canada/YouTube

Hodgson had been living alone for quite some time until one day, Badger entered his life.

Initially, Hodgson mistook Badger for a young bear cub. However, upon closer examination, he realized that the animal was actually a puppy.

Black Puppy on White Snow

The dog had been deserted during the severe winter in Canada.

Hodgson took the puppy into his cabin, where he provided him with sustenance.

Source: Purina Canada/YouTube

Badger’s spirits quickly improved, and Hodgson identified him as a rottweiler-labrador hybrid.

At first, Hodgson had intended to take Badger to a shelter. However, he postponed his plan with each passing day.

Later, Hodgson brought Badger to meet his girlfriend, Michelle Walsh. He explained that he had planned to take the dog to the shelter, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Michelle noticed that Hodgson had developed a strong attachment to the dog.

After some time, Hodgson came to the realization that he wanted to keep Badger permanently by his side.

Source: Purina Canada/YouTube

As time passed, Hodgson and Badger’s bond grew stronger. Hodgson began to include Badger in all of his endeavors, including skiing, which they did together often. However, one day, Badger would become Hodgson’s savior.

In the midst of one of the harshest winters Ontario had ever experienced, Hodgson and Badger set out to have some fun. Hodgson’s plan was to take photographs of the bald eagles at a nearby lake.

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As an old-fashioned man, Hodgson didn’t bring a cell phone with him and underestimated the severity of the cold weather, resulting in him not dressing appropriately.

While approaching a steep hill near the lake, Hodgson slipped and fell hard, landing on the ice covering the water and skidding out.

Despite his attempts to stand, Hodgson found himself unable to do so, as he had broken his leg in several places. He kept falling over whenever he tried to put weight on it.

Hodgson was left with no choice but to call for help, but with no one in the vicinity, his only hope was Badger.

Source: Purina Canada/YouTube

Hypothermia was beginning to take hold of Hodgson and he was beginning to fear for his life. But then, Badger came to his rescue.

Badger approached Hodgson and he grabbed hold of the dog’s collar, telling him to “Mush, Badger, mush!” and the dog began to pull Hodgson along the ice.

Before long, Badger had managed to pull his owner to the edge of the lake where the slope was less steep.

Source: Purina Canada/Youtube

Badger kept pulling Hodgson all the way to the driveway of his cabin, never giving up until they finally made it. In that moment, Hodgson knew that he had his faithful companion to thank for saving his life.

Hodgson and Badger arrived at the back door of the cabin. Hodgson released his grip on the dog and reached for the handle, then crawled inside to the warmth of his home.

Source: Purina Canada/YouTube

Hodgson managed to reach his phone and called 911.

He was rushed to the hospital where the doctors treated him.

While Hodgson was recovering, his ladyfriend took care of Badger. Although the dog was happy to be with someone he knew, he became increasingly anxious about Hodgson’s condition.

Upon Hodgson’s return home, Badger was ecstatic to see his owner standing and moving again, even if he needed crutches for support.

Source: Purina Canada/YouTube

“There’s no question that I’m alive because of a dog that I found in the bush.” – Derik Hodgson.

Hodgson and Badger share an unbreakable bond of unconditional love. Despite Hodgson’s physical limitations after the accident, they still spend as much time as possible enjoying life together.