Seeing ‘shy’ teenager light up, owner of plus-size dress store presents her with $700 prom dress as a gift

The experience of finding a prom dress can be daunting for many teenagers, especially when it comes to body image and self-esteem. For some, it may be due to budget limitations or difficulty finding a dress that fits properly. As a result, what should be an enjoyable event is often approached with a sense of fear and apprehension.

Summer Lucille definitely experienced this. According to Lucille’s account on, during her childhood, “if you weren’t skinny, there weren’t many options, and it was devastating for me because I’ve always loved fashion.”

She recalled, “I went to my prom looking like a church lady in a suit dress with a jacket because it was the only thing that fit. It was a very sad period in my life.”

Lucille aimed to create a better experience for others, which led her to establish Juicy Body Goddess, a dress shop exclusively for plus-size individuals, in 2016. Located in North Carolina, the boutique primarily showcases Lucille’s own formal dress designs, available in sizes up to 6X.

The popularity of Juicy Body Goddess soared after Lucille created a TikTok account that captured the happy moments of customers trying on different styles.

In addition to her fashion sense, Lucille possesses the talent of being an excellent hype woman, boosting the confidence of others with her genuine and enthusiastic compliments. It’s evident that she has a strong passion for her work. Here’s just one of numerous examples:

@juicybodygoddess I had to get her number so she can model🤩 #plussizefashion #plussizeboutique #birthday #plussizetiktok #juicybodygoddess ♬ original sound – JuicyBodyGoddess

Discovering Juicy Body Goddess through their TikTok account, 18-year-old Elyse Monroe was inspired to visit the store for a consultation with her family. Despite the six-hour drive, they were committed to finding the ideal dress.

According to Lucille, who spoke with People magazine, Monroe was initially anxious and reserved, but her demeanor transformed after trying on a fitted, glittery purple gown.

“When she got into that purple dress, she lit up,” Lucille told People.

However, there was still a financial constraint. Monroe’s family could only afford to spend $400, while the dress they had chosen was priced at $700.

Fortunately, Lucille had one final surprise in store.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, the Monroe family is seen approaching the register, inquiring about the cost of the dress.

Lucille can be heard saying, “This dress is $700…but it’s free.”

As one might anticipate, this gesture from Lucille left the teenager and her family feeling quite emotional. See the video below:

@juicybodygoddess I didn’t cry until I did edit #plussize #plussizetiktok #juicybodygoddess #plussizefashion ♬ original sound – JuicyBodyGoddess

The video has received an incredible amount of feedback, with numerous individuals sympathizing with their own difficult prom experiences and praising Lucille for her kindness. Some have even been motivated to perform their own acts of generosity by contributing donations. Lucille informed People magazine that since sharing the video, Juicy Body Goddess has sold $12,000 worth of gift cards. Impressive!

This instance is a remarkable demonstration of the positive outcomes that can arise when we appreciate individuality, promote generosity, and prioritize the recognition of everyone’s worth.