Seeing mom walk down the aisle, a 2-year-old boy can’t hold back his excitement and steals the show

The most important thing for a bride is to walk down the aisle to her groom. Before you walk down the aisle, you usually feel a variety of emotions at once.

When the groom sees his bride coming toward him, he often gets so emotional that he can’t help but shed a few tears. In this story, though, it wasn’t just the groom who had strong feelings when he saw the bride…

Kristie Mihelich was ready for her big day. She was wearing a beautiful wedding dress and everything was just right. The woman from Troy, Michigan, has a lot of heartwarming things to remember about her wedding day.

On April 22, Kristie and Bobby Mihelich were supposed to get married at the Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The wedding plans had been going on for a while.

And even if you plan everything out to the last detail, there is always the possibility that something will take you by surprise. And in this particular scenario, the couple’s son Pierson, who is two years old, was the one who took everyone by surprise.

When the bride came at the beginning of the aisle, not only her groom, who is also Pierson’s dad, but also the other guests began to get emotional. A scream could be heard coming from the toddler when he spotted his mother walking down the aisle in her stunning all-white bridal gown.

After then, he came running down the aisle in the direction of his mother, his arms outstretched as he greeted her.

Kristie shared, “It was the sweetest thing. I thought that he would just stand there and wait for me but no, he was running to his mommy.”

Her son Pierson, whom she calls “Piercy,” made a lot of people happy, according to Kristie, who says that the video has been shared a lot and that she has received a lot of nice messages.

And, just like in a movie, her best friend and photographer, who runs Orange Blossoms Photography, caught it all on film.

Kristie said that Pierson is very outgoing and loves to put on a show. His mom says that the two-year-old kept the party going even after the ceremony, because he didn’t leave the dance floor until midnight.

His mom could not be more proud of her son, who has become a viral hit. Pierson’s plans now that his video went viral are to have a great time at his 3-year-old birthday party this weekend.

The sweet moment when Pierson saw his mother standing at the front of the aisle was caught on camera and will be remembered forever.