School waits in line to welcome back the boy who overcame blood cancer. The way he reacts is priceless

After receiving a leukemia diagnosis and undergoing a protracted and agonizing course of chemotherapy, Bernardo decided to return to school.

Cancer is a terrifying disease. Every year, cancer is to blame for one in every six fatalities worldwide. It’s difficult to survive cancer, especially for young patients who suffer from the excruciating illness. As a result, it is a huge cause for celebration when someone does survive it. After beating blood cancer, a young boy was shocked by one such touching celebration at his school. The young child, Bernardo, “was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent long and painful chemotherapy treatment.” His classmates and teachers gathered last week to commemorate the occasion as he returned to school following the declaration that he was cancer-free.

Bernardo and his parents can be seen strolling in a video that has recently gone viral. He is moved as he approaches the school gate to see balloons decorating the building and all of his classmates lined up on either side of the entrance to celebrate the young boy beating cancer. Bernardo runs up and down the hallway, hugging his teachers along the way and beaming the entire time because he is so happy.

The caption for the video reads, “A hero’s return! Cancer-free and back at school!!!” 

It shows Bernardo’s classmates greeting him and offering encouragement. As the boy enjoys a snack, one of the cardboard signs reads, “Bernardo, we are glad for your presence!” Upon hearing the good news, Bernardo runs to each of his teachers, who pick him up and give him a bear hug. The students lined up on either side of the entrance corridor cheer him on as he runs through there. Over 44,000 people have viewed the video, and thousands have commented to congratulate the young person.

@valentinadb5 commented on Instagram,  “How beautiful is this! Forget all my issues. How this makes my heart happy. God’s Blessings on Bernardo and his family.”   
@denisem.phippslmft, another user, commented: “Wonderful teachers, staff, and students. Wonderful school! Congratulations! you are truly a hero!” User @cecekirk1207 commented, “Awwww sweetheart your amazing, Resilient, spirit is felt so strongly! I pray that God blesses you to have the beautiful life you deserve. Congratulations on being cancer free!”

Recently, a heartwarming surprise was given to a cancer survivor on board a flight. The captain of a flight told all of the passengers, “I would like to add a special welcome to a special guest in today’s flight,” adding that they have a very special passenger headed to Hawaii today to “celebrate her victory over late-stage breast cancer.” Jyrl Oldham, the survivor, is touched by the news that it is about her and begins to cry. Everyone on board begins to applaud her for her courage and fortitude. The pilot continues in the now-viral video, “She fought valiantly and now is cancer-free,”  and requests a round of applause from everyone. Adds he, “Here in today’s environment, It just makes it special that we can share that human bond to take care of each other. Everybody’s a big family out there.” Jyrl appears to be beaming with happiness and tears as everyone around her cheers for her success.