Scholarships unexpectedly awarded to hero who disarmed Monterey Park shooter

In celebration of AANHPI Heritage Month, “Good Morning America” pays tribute to the courageous 26-year-old who thwarted a mass shooting in California during Lunar New Year festivities.

Brandon Tsay, present at his family’s Alhambra-based dance hall, Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio, on the evening of January 21, encountered an armed individual entering the premises. Engaging in a physical confrontation, Tsay successfully disarmed the assailant, preventing any potential shots from being fired.

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Brandon Tsay appears on “Good Morning America,” May 26, 2023.

“I realized I needed to get the weapon away from him or else everybody would have died,” Tsay told “Good Morning America” back in January.

Following a prior shooting incident at a neighboring dance studio in Monterey Park, where 11 individuals lost their lives and 9 others sustained injuries, the assailant, who was responsible for the tragic act, escaped and ultimately chose to end his own life as law enforcement closed in on him.

In February, Tsay’s bravery garnered recognition from the White House, earning him an esteemed invitation to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Acknowledging his heroic actions, the White House credited Tsay for preventing the armed individual, who had claimed 11 lives and injured 10 others, from executing a subsequent assault in Alhambra.

Appearing on “GMA” on Friday, Tsay shared that he, along with his sister Brenda Tsay and their grandmother, have actively contributed to revitalizing Lai Lai Ballroom and reigniting the spirit of dance within their community.

“The dance community here is like a second home,” Tsay said. “Everyone here is my family. And dancing has helped shape our journey and passion in such profound ways.”

Tsay expressed that his recent rise to fame has played a significant role in breaking him out of his shell. As a result, he has rediscovered his ambitions, including the aspiration to complete his college education. Tsay had temporarily put his studies on hold at the age of 19 to care for his mother, who tragically lost her battle with lung cancer in 2017.

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Brenda and Brandon Tsay appear on “Good Morning America,” May 26, 2023.

Brenda Tsay expressed her heartfelt admiration for her brother, highlighting his selflessness in always prioritizing their mother, their grandmother, herself, and the well-being of the ballroom and its community. Now, she and their family believe it is time for Brandon to focus on his own life and pursue his dreams, whatever they may be, including his long-held desire to continue his education.

In a testament to Tsay’s remarkable contributions to the community, Gold House, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with accomplished Asian Americans from various domains, is expressing their gratitude by providing support and recognition to him.

In collaboration with “GMA,” Gold House orchestrated a heartwarming surprise for Tsay, presenting him with a $10,000 scholarship that would serve as a starting point for his educational journey. Additionally, Sallie Mae, an esteemed education solutions company, wanted to join in the celebration and contribute a generous $20,000 scholarship to support Tsay’s studies.

Expressing his profound gratitude, Tsay remarked, “I’m so appreciative. It’s such an honor to receive this and I’m so glad I’m here today with everybody to share this moment.”

He added with emotion, “This means so much to me. Honestly, I can’t believe that somebody will get out of their way to just help us out.”

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