Saudi man married 53 wives in 43 years to achieve an amazing purpose

The Saudi guy, 63, said that his briefest marriage lasted just one night. At the age of 20, he was wedded for the first time.

A Saudi guy claims to have wed 53 times in 43 years, not for sexual fulfillment but rather for stability and mental calm. Abu Abdullah, 63, is known as the “polygamist of the century.”

At the age of 20, Abdullah had a wedding for the first time, but things started to go wrong after a while. He made the decision to be married once again at 23 years old.

He said: “I married 53 women over long periods. The first was when I was 20 years and she was six years older than me.” 

“When I married for the first time, I did not plan to marry more than one woman because I was feeling comfortable and had children.” 

Gulf News reported that Abdullah opted to be married a third and a fourth time after his first and second wives had problems together. His first two spouses were later divorced by him.

The rationale behind his 53 marriages

Abdullah said that his desire for a partner who might provide him happiness was the primary driver behind his several marriages.

He said that he tried to be fair to every one of his women.  According to Abdullah, the shortest marriages lasted only one night. He revealed he had gotten married to foreigners while on business visits abroad.

“I used to stay for three to four months. So I married to protect myself from vice.”

He shared: “Every man in the world wishes to have one woman and remain with her forever. Stability is not to be found with a young woman, but with an old one.”

Now, he presently only has a single wife, and he reportedly has no plans to get married again.