Sand artist creates incredibly realistic animal sculptures that fool viewers into believing they are real

Can you figure out what’s wrong with these animals as they relax on the beach?

Except for the fact that none of them are actually breathing, these lifelike sand sculptures are insanely perfect!

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to little boys who never grow out of building sandcastles, look no further than Andoni Bastarrika, a Spanish artist.

He’s not only the Michaelangelo of sand, but he also has a knack for duping tourists into thinking his hyperrealistic zoo collection is real.

From sweet little doggies to massive krakens of the deep, here are 40 of the best sand sculptures ever created that could be mistaken for the real thing!

1. Please do not consume me!
Not to worry. Hammerhead sharks would rather eat stingrays than human flesh. Still, he appears to be quite frightening!

2. A sobering reality
Andoni’s behemoth sea turtle is most likely making an environmental statement. The incredibly detailed sand sculpture is accompanied by samples from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that are equally detailed.

3. The Mocktopus

Turtles aren’t the only colossal creatures to emerge from Andoni’s mind. This is a deep-sea nightmare that could only be inspired by Norse mythology!

4. Depressed baby elephant

Don’t worry, poor baby. Mama will be there soon… Papa Andoni only needs to finish her first!

With his craft, Andoni is a true artistic master. You’d think this mama elephant was just having a fun little roll in the sand with her creator if you didn’t know better.
5. What a nice boy!

And what a big boy he is! This sand puppy grew up quickly.

7. This one appears to be friendly.

Because this is a beach, even the sand isn’t always a good indicator.

My miniature pony
No two animals in nature have the same colouring and patterns on their fur/coat/skin. There are always subtle nuances, such as the white patches of “fur” sculpted into this horse by Andoni.