Ryder, a five-year-old child, endures a dog assault and is now being labeled as a “monster”

Ryder Wells, a young boy from North Carolina, survived a vicious attack by two rottweilers when he was just 21 months old. Despite losing half of his face, having his teeth smashed, and suffering a fractured arm and punctured lung, Ryder has now undergone approximately 50 operations and has been regarded as a “miracle” by doctors who didn’t expect him to live.

However, despite his remarkable survival and resilience, Ryder has been subjected to cruel remarks and bullying from both children and adults. According to his teaching assistant, even adults started making harsh comments when Ryder started school. When Ryder and his family go to the park, he’s sometimes called a “monster” by other kids before they run away in fear. Recently, while out shopping, someone even yelled “ew” at him.