Robin Williams’ wife reveals that his last words to her “still echo through my heart today”

Susan Schneider Williams revealed that the last words spoken by Robin Williams to her still have a profound impact on her heart. Prior to his death, the couple had a beautiful weekend together in August 2014, engaging in activities that they both loved. At the time, Susan believed that the inner turmoil her husband faced was subsiding. Despite the personal and heart-wrenching experience, Susan has spoken up about her husband’s death to help others who may be struggling with the same illness that Robin faced.

Susan Schneider Williams revealed that her husband, the late Robin Williams, was afflicted with Lewy body disease (LBD), which is a little-known but devastating illness. In 2014, he tragically took his own life after experiencing an intense, bewildering, and relatively short ordeal with the symptoms and pathology of this disease.

Susan stated that her husband’s death was a complete shock to her because she had just started noticing some improvements in his condition.

Susan shared that as the second weekend in August approached, she noticed that her husband’s delusional thoughts were becoming less frequent. She wondered if the change in medication was finally starting to work. They spent the entire day on Saturday doing things they both loved, and it felt like one long, perfect date. By the end of Sunday, she was optimistic that he was getting better.

Robin Williams shared his final words with his wife before going to bed that night, and those words remained with her long after he passed away.

According to Susan Schneider Williams, “When we went to bed, my husband whispered to me, ‘Goodnight, my love,’ and waited for my typical response: ‘Goodnight, my love.’ His comments continue to ring in my ears to this day. Robin had left on Monday, August 11.”

At the age of 63, his life, which was full of both successes and failures, came to an early end.

Susan Schneider Williams expressed her deep sorrow in a statement, saying that she lost her spouse and closest friend this morning, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. She hopes that Robin will be remembered for the countless moments of joy and laughter he brought to millions, rather than his death.

Susan Schneider Williams revealed that after Robin’s passing, even the most ordinary tasks became difficult for her to carry out without him. She added that time has never worked the same way for her, and her desire for purpose has spread across all facets of her life like an unstoppable spring.

When asked if time has eased her pain, she replied that the pain will never go away. It is the greatest love she has ever known.

Robin Williams’ last Instagram post was dedicated to his daughter, Zelda Rae Williams, on her 25th birthday, just days before his death. He wrote, “…Happy Birthday, Ms. Zelda Rae Williams!” he wrote. Today she is a quarter-century old, yet she will always be my baby girl. @zeldawilliams, happy birthday! “I adore you!”

When his daughter discussed his death , she said, “We don’t have an explanation.” It’s pointless to examine it… to blame yourself or the world. It took place.” She continued “anyone who has ever lost someone tries extremely hard to keep that memory alive in a good way.” 

The loss of Robin Williams is felt not only by his family but also by countless individuals who shared in his laughter. His daughter, Zelda Williams, stated that many people miss him and will hold onto the joy he brought through the roles he played. She also emphasized that he was a proud father who valued laughter greatly.