Respectable marine veterans astonished with dream home

A Marine couple in Jacksonville, North Carolina, discovered on national television that their new home was completely paid off.

Mario and Amy Perez both served in the Marine Corps for more than ten years, making numerous deployments while honorably representing America.

“Marine Corps values: Honor, courage and commitment. The hard thing is to live by it, and that’s one thing that Mario has done,” retired master sergeant Tony Johnson said.

Mario said that his family had been looking for a new house for some time. But due to the competitive property market, every home they admired was ultimately bought by someone else for thousands of dollars more than the asking price.

After much searching, the couple in Jacksonville finally found a house that suited their family, located just outside Camp Lejene in Jacksonville.

On November 9th, 2021, the deal was finalized. On November 10, the 246th anniversary of the founding of the US Marine Corps, they then received the most wonderful news ever.

Friends of the Perezes showed up with a full marching band and informed them that Veterans United Home Loan, the largest VA lender in the nation, had completely paid off their mortgage.

“It’s unreal to even think that, I mean, I never would’ve thought anything like this–I’m out of words.” Mario said while crying with happiness.

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