Repeated signals suggests aliens are greeting us from centre of Milky Way

A recent study suggests that the recurring signal we are detecting from the central region of the Milky Way galaxy could potentially be an attempt by extraterrestrial beings to establish contact with us.

Frequently, we come across signals emanating from the vastness of space, sparking curiosity about their origin. The possibility that these signals could be a result of alien activity is undeniably captivating.

Nevertheless, in cases where we consistently detect radio waves, the usual explanation tends to be phenomena such as pulsars rather than extraterrestrial entities attempting to communicate with us.

A recent study has utilized specialized software designed to identify recurring patterns in radio waves from outer space in an attempt to determine the nature of the signals we are currently detecting.

The researchers specifically aim to investigate whether the signals emanating from the central region of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, could potentially originate from an extraterrestrial civilization actively searching for intelligent beings similar to humans.

The team of researchers, equipped with advanced software, can analyze 1.5 million data samples within just thirty minutes, significantly enhancing our capability to process the multitude of signals reaching Earth.

Known as the Breakthrough Listen Investigation for Periodic Spectral Signals (BLIPSS), this project is spearheaded by Akshay Suresh, a graduate student from Cornell University.

Steve Croft, one of the co-authors of the study, highlighted their focus on identifying repetitive patterns and narrow bandwidths since it is improbable for natural phenomena to generate such signals. He emphasized the significance of Akshay’s technique in sifting through vast amounts of data, enabling the search for potential evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life—an exciting prospect.

Although the initial search did not yield any conclusive indications of alien existence, the researchers remain committed to the pursuit of discovering that elusive sign which may confirm the existence of extraterrestrial beings. The quest to uncover the truth continues.

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