Recruiter highlights ‘red flags’ on CVs that deter employers within mere seconds

For anyone searching for a job, the journey of securing a new position can be laden with stress right from the outset. Crafting a compelling CV that effectively showcases your skills and history, completing meticulous applications, and ultimately facing interviews – it’s an enduring and challenging endeavor.

Nevertheless, a recruiter has taken it upon herself to assist all those in pursuit of a new job, by imparting her knowledge and expertise about the factors that instantly dissuade employers. Operating under the moniker “Recruiter Clio” on TikTok, this talent scout consistently shares video content, offering valuable perspectives on various aspects of the recruitment process.

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In a particular video snippet, the young woman addressed a query regarding the warning signs that potential employers might identify from your CV. She disclosed a significant insight: employers possess the ability to discern your long-term commitment to a job based on your CV. She explained, “Let me tell you a little secret, your resume is going to be the make or break. On average, your recruiter screens a resume for less than 10 seconds. The main things we need to see for us to look at it longer [are] clear job titles, the length for each of those roles, and last but not least the consistency in your career.”

“If you have let’s say four to five roles on there and each of them didn’t last longer than a year, I’m sorry to tell you this but it’s a red flag,” Clio elaborated. She clarified that unless you operate as a freelancer or contractor, consistently short stints on your CV can cast a negative impression when applying for full-time roles.

Indirectly addressing the issue, she went on to mention, “If you’re not getting any calls right now, it’s probably because your resume is being passed on and it’s just not attracting the hiring managers.”  Concluding her message, she offered her skills to improve CVs and enhance job prospects.

However, the feedback from Clio’s followers displayed a range of perspectives, as reflected in the comments. One individual appreciated her insights, noting, “Thank you for sharing, I tell this to everyone and people keep saying ‘well I don’t owe it to my job’!” Another viewer shared a different viewpoint, stating, “True but persistence is the key to income appreciation. if I stayed at my jobs for longer than a year then I wouldn’t have doubled my salary in three years.” Yet, another commenter raised an important point, “There are these things called temporary jobs which generally last about six months. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad employee.”

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